Monday, 20 July 2015

Melt Your Heart Monday

Happy Monday! 

Tomorrow is the 21st of July and it's a special day for me. You see, exactly four years ago I got adopted by Mum Marie.

We do have something special lined up to celebrate my Gotcha Day, so don't forget to check in tomorrow!

For today, here is a lovely video we found on YouTube featuring some very lucky and happy rescue cats. Rescue cats rule!

So many thanks to those who help and rescue, and please keep on rescuing! You are very special folk indeed.



  1. Paws up for humans who rescue cats! I loved the video.

  2. WE LOVE RESCUES! Both Angel brandi and Quinn were rescues. When they found me, they found a home.

  3. Why save cat lives? Why do humans get to choose who lives and who dies? It was so beautiful to see those cats healing and finding their furever homes. :) I look forward to your Gotcha Day, Athena!

  4. I loved the video. I have three rescues dog and two cats. :)

  5. We love rescue! Can't wait to celebrate your gotcha day!

  6. I love happy endings! I am glad all these kitties got theirs and you got yours too. I will be back tomorrow to help you celebrate.

  7. Rescue people do a pawsome job ! Purrs

  8. What a sweet and heartwarming video. Every cat is a gift from God, and we should do whatever we can to save their lives.


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