Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Normal Photo and Watercolor DLX Version #WhiskersWednesday

Happy Whiskers Wednesday 😻

tabby cat

Mum decided to brighten my photo up a bit with the BeFunky Watercolor DLX effect 
tabby cat

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Monday, 25 January 2021

Bands Beginning With V #mewsicmonday


So we are almost at the end of our fortnightly alphabetical countdown of bands and artists that have recorded songs that Mum has liked over the years. She is a major fan of some of the artists we've featured so far, but some others she may not be a fan of but might just like a song or two of theirs.

This week we are on V - over to Mum...

So here's The Verve. I don't remember the Nineties much because I was drunk most of the time. This is a great track, released in the summer of 1997. Sadly, it will always remind me of when Princess Diana died. 

THE VERVE - Bitter Sweet Symphony


You wouldn't have heard of this artist because well, it's a recording project put together by myself and my brother John. We started it over twelve years ago. It's mostly his music project and I recorded some lead and backing vocals. We've no plans to start it up again, though my brother continues to write his own music. As for me, I have enough to keep me busy with all my blogging, writing, art, photography and animal advocacy ☺

Medley Part One

Medley Part Two


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