Sunday, 15 July 2018

Friendly Fill-Ins with Sunday Selfies

We are doing Friendly Fill-Ins first today.

Marie's answers

1. As a child, I feared spiders and still do
2. Friday the 13th is just another day.
3. I think my smile is my best quality.
4. You can’t go wrong with having a cat.

Athena's answers

1. As a child I feared being abandoned and still do.
2. Friday the 13th is a day like any other. Those are silly things to worry about, silly humans!
3. I think my beautiful green eyes are my best quality.
4. You can’t go wrong with napping, purring and love.
Friendly Fill-Ins

The Cat on My Head

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Caturday Art: Self-Assembly Nightmare

Mum bought a new bed and she had to self-assemble it. She's assembled a lot of furniture before but this was a complete nightmare, just like the dining chairs she assembled a month ago.

Poor Mum doesn't need the added stress.

It took her all day (though it stated it would take just 30 minutes in the manual). My arse (ass) it takes that long! Idiots write those manual, you know!

Most stores do not deliver fully-assembled furniture anymore. Then why don't you make them cheaper at least because I'm sure it takes at least a few days off work for anyone to be able to assemble your rather expensive products that must always have parts that do not fit properly.

I waited patiently and gave Mum some love stares to help relax her. She was almost at breaking point. Pulling her hair out. Crying.

Finally, when it was done I jumped on first and couldn't wait to test the new bed out!

The mattress is medium firm and just lovely! Mum likes it too but says the amount of effort and stress it caused to put it together has made here unable to enjoy it.

My art for today. Can you see me on the bed?

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Caturday Art
Scrappy Effect PizAp 


Caturday ART
Tungston Effect PizAp


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