Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sunday Selfie, Cat World Domination Day, and Fill-Ins

Note: This post contains affiliate links. This blog doesn't run itself and I need to earn a little income if I spend hours on it. 

Happy Sunday and Cat World Domination Day!

I'm joining my furriend Summer and all my other cat pals today to celebrate Cat World Domination Day! What am I doing? Nothing really, just taking it easy on a Sunday just like any wise feline would. In my selfie below you can see me lounging on my PetFusion Cat longer/scratcher and hoping Mum takes it easy today too. Since moving to our new lovely home I always keep her company in our bedroom as she works hard at her desk in the corner.

 I have to watch over her because she hasn't been well lately.

Sunday Selfie

You may have noticed that we don't post much now. It's not only because we've been extremely busy with the move but Mum hasn't been coping well with her depression and anxiety. She hasn't felt motivated to post in a long time. She says there's no point sometimes as both blogs cost too much in time and money to run and though she loves blogging, she needs to earn money as she is unable to work because of her illness. Working from home is the ideal for her, plus she really needs to be a stay at home mum to look after me!

Don't worry though because we are not going anywhere.  Mum loves blogging and all her blogging pals but has become so overwhelmed with her problems lately. Depression is so hard to explain to people that have never experienced it. She can't just "pull herself together" and "get on with it". Depression is an illness just like any other.

She wants to talk about what is really bugging her. And I'm doing it for her now. You see, she's had depression for years. And then anxiety followed, which has been getting a lot worse lately. Trying to sell our house really messed her up I think. But it's more than that.

Mum is agoraphobic and suffers from social anxiety. She cannot stay away from home for long. She manages to run a few errands now and then and goes shopping, but rarely on her own. Because of this, she can't work. She wants to work from home. Blogging isn't earning her a penny. Neither is writing. She's tried everything she feels she is good at but nothing works out. She feels such a loser. 

And her writing has suffered because of it. That's why she can't write books anymore and only manages a few longer posts here now and then. Writing was once her passion. A sense of failure has seen an end to that, I think.

She is looking for jobs to do at home that aren't scams. And of course, she would love a job that involves animals (especially cats!) I suggested cat sitter, even though the thought of her being affectionate with another cat and bringing home the scent of another feline makes me sick!

So, she is bravely opening up and putting this out there in the hope that someone might offer any advice. And by talking, she is hoping to help others in similar situations. 

Remember, we live in the UK (recently moved from London to Essex) but if she can earn any money online which isn't a scam then she would love it.

Mum is good at writing, photography, social media marketing, editing. She has an English degree and has recently completed a Level 3 Diploma in Cat Care and Behaviour. 

Of course, she is the owner of this blog and Purrs Full of Love and needs to pay for the running of these blogs. Affiliates and advertising haven't earned her enough if nothing at all. Does anyone actually make any money from affiliates and partnerships? And as for our Zazzle store CatGoddessDesigns and our RedBubble  store, just like Mum's books, her designs have only earned her a few quid. 

One thing many of you bloggers I'm sure can relate to is people approaching her to post stuff on our blog which is blatantly free advertising for them and don't want to pay for it. Mum ignores those emails now, but really she wants to tell them to do one! Mum is tired of working for free and she's lost count of how many of her books she has given away for free on Amazon.

The stress is real. Mum doesn't exaggerate. She feels guilty moaning about her problems as she knows there are people with worse problems out there. But she says she can't take all this stress anymore. The worry just piles on as well as the weight as she tends to overeat when worried and turns to wine in order to help her cope with anxiety. 

As a private person, she hates voicing her problems or posting anything about her personal life online. But keeping silent about these issues doesn't help anyone and just adds to the stigma.

Have a good day, everyone 💚

P.S. If you would like to work with us click HERE.
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My answers

1. My favourite scent is Mum.
2. I hope to get more treats this weekend.
3. Silence is music to my ears.
4. Home is where I feel safe with Mummy.

Mum's answers

1. My favourite scent is cinnamon (or maybe vanilla).
2. I hope to not be stressed this weekend.
3. Athena's purring is music to my ears.
4. Home is where I feel safe and happy and I don't really care if people think I'm boring because of it. 

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Caturday Art #LetItGoDay

Made with BeFunky but Mum cannot remember what filter she used.

So today is Let it Go Day and we cats are experts at doing just that, are we not? 😻

Take my advice, when anything or anyone gets you down, just let it go and relax, take a nap. I tell my Mum this all the time. And don't forget to stretch that tense body a bit...

Do some stretches (Yoga is purrfect for that.) Mum enjoys the cat pose the most. Obviously, the woman in the video is not my mum but one day I will switch that camera on and film her in secret doing her yoga. She films me in secret often enough!

Mum added some vintage-like filter in PiZap