Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Symphonic Metal Day

We had no idea that there was a Symphonic Metal Day,  so here we are, posting some Symphonic Metal music. This is Mum's favourite genre, and as she has been feeling quite sad lately, I thought I'd let her indulge herself. Music always makes her feel better. Not as better as I can make her feel, but she always calms down a bit after she's listened to some tunes.

Symphonic Metal has been Mum's favourite music genre since she discovered the Finnish metal band Nightwish 11 years ago. She finds the music so inspiring - it's a mixture of classical music with metal. Mum has always loved classical music and she's always loved rock and metal.

The music of Nightwish, and indeed other bands of the same genre, has inspired Mum's writing. It's what she listened to while writing her fantasy novels.

I like a lot of what Mum listens to and I quite like Nightwish. She has almost everything they have released so that means instrumental versions of their albums and orchestral ones. I favour the orchestral versions as cats do tend to love classical and instrumental music. Metal is a bit too loud for my liking.

I love soundtracks too - Outlander is one of my faves. But let's get back to Symphonic, shall we?

Here are some of Mum's favourites.

I like the first one the best because it's a nice song to nap to. I like it when Mum does her singing and she performs this song. Only in her bedroom, mind you.

The next song is Mum's favourite.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Farewell, Sarah.

We were so shocked and saddened to learn that one of our blogger friends had passed away. Sarah Andrews was known to us in the pet blogging community as Roby Sweet from her blog, The Cuddlewumps Cat Chronicles. Though we did not know her personally, Sarah was always so lovely to us and always left sweet and inspiring comments on our blog. We wish we could have got to know her better.

Sending Sarah's family and friends lots of love and purrs at this very difficult time xx

Sarah, you will be sorely missed xx

If you would like to offer words of comfort for Sarah's family, you can sign the Legacy Guest Book at this link.