Friday, 23 September 2022

We Are All Exhausted #CaturdayArt

My art today was created with BeFunky using the Oil Painting DLX effect.
tabby cat art

And here is the original photo.

tabby cat

As you may know if you are regular reader and follower, it's been an exhausting and traumatic two months since my uncle John passed away in Sweden. It took a while for him to be sent back home (repatriated) to the UK.  Then we had to wait for the coroner to give the go ahead for the funeral. 

Well, on Monday 19th September, Uncle John got buried, the same day as the Queen. My mum left me at home for a few hours to go to the funeral with Granny and some of our relatives. I could see how stressed and worried she was before she left and that she was trying to hide it from me. I gave her long loving looks to calm her and she hugged and kissed me many times before she left. I knew that it would be a dreadfullly painful day for my Mum and Granny. I sat at home thinking of them both and sending purrs of love and comfort. 

As the chapel and cemetery are local, they arrived home in about two hours, both looking very drained and tired. But I could see that in some ways there was relief that they finally got to say goodbye. So yes, we are all 3 of us drained and exhausted from the tragedy of John's passing. I hear Mum saying life will never be the same again. Granny cries and keeps kissing her dear son's photo. I can only purr to heal my dear family xx


man looking at the sky

tabby cat

Friday, 16 September 2022

Colourful Caturday Art


tabby cat

From my Instagram

Thursday 22nd September 2022 is Remember Me Thursday, a day to honour rescue pets and inspire others to adopt pets and not shop for them instead. Join the movement to shine the light for homeless and orphaned animals. Share the love for rescue pets always! 💚 

As you all may know, I am a rescue kitty. Thanks to Wood Green Pets Charity I got rescued and then Mum adopted me. 

Please Adopt Don't Shop!