Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Side Selfie

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all have a beautiful Easy Sunday!🐱

tabby cat

Saturday, 14 September 2019

New Cat Artwork #CaturdayArt

Happy Caturday!

Mum created this watercolor-type art with Photoshop Elements  She is still on the 13 version and has no plans to upgrade to 19 just yet as money is very tight at the moment. 

You would think that with my beauty I'd be able to get some pawmazing modelling assignments, but no, it has not happened yet 😾

Why don't you join my Caturday Art blog hop to cheer me up? 

I've noticed that participation is dropping lately. I understand if you're bored or don't have time. But I love my blog hop and Mum enjoys it too so it will continue for the time being :)

Caturday Art is the chance for you to get creative and share your art or photo/digital art (free photo apps are quick and fun to use).

All animals welcome, not just cats! 

Join us every Saturday!

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