Friday, 21 September 2018

Halloween Art with PicMonkey #caturdayart

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Happy Caturday!

I reminded Mum that Halloween is soon upon us and that it's now time to get some art practice in. I've got to say it, and we're sure many would agree with us, that this is the most fun time of the year in which to get creative with your photos!

There are lots of free editing apps and programs out there which can help you achieve amazing Halloween art but today we're looking at PicMonkey.

It's what Mum used in order to create this crazy scary photo of me. Isn't it fab?

Caturday Art for Halloween

Mum had been using the free version of PicMonkey for ages but it was clear that there were some fantastic-looking effects that would undoubtedly create awesome pawsome results but which she couldn't use because they weren't free.

Mum decided to go elsewhere and so she experimented with many of the other free online editing sites and apps and stuff. As I already said, there are some fine editing apps out there available to use for free. But recently Mum has started designing new cover art for her Blood of the Gods vampire trilogy and as she is useless with Photoshop and gets easily frustrated, I suggested to her that maybe she should go back to PicMonkey. "There's a free 7-day trial," I said, "and you could test out all those other effects you were so curious about."

So she took her wise kitty's advice and signed up and has spent the last few days busy with her art. But then she thought, "Wait, I'm using all these amazing effects, graphics, textures and fonts for my books but what about Athena's Caturday Art Blog Hop? Halloween is coming up soon, and Christmas ain't too far away 🙀 so it makes sense to continue with the subscription!"

The PicMonkey Basic subscription is purrfect for unleashing your creative photo editing potential. It's certainly unlocked Mum's creativity as she can sit there staring at that computer for hours. I sit on the bed and watch her at her desk, or catnap, and when I wake up I soon let her know when I'm hungry. I also remind her when it's time for our afternoon nap. 😻 Mum often wakes in the early hours and works from 4am to 6am so she does deserve a nap, in case anyone thought she's a lazy cat lady.

With the Basic plan, which costs £6.49 GBP/month and is billed annually (£77.99), or £9.00 GBP/month billed monthly, you get:

  • Hub storage for 50 images and you can sort Hub images, save, export and share.
  • Advanced touch-up tools
  • Primo effects, graphics, fonts
  • Re-editable images, in Hub
  • Top-shelf templates
  • No ads (which is just great as they really are annoying.)

There is also a Pro version which we don't think it's worth bothering with unless you can afford it.
The Pro version costs £10.50 GBP/month (£126.00 billed annually) or £14.00 GBP/month - billed monthly. With this option you get:

  • Unlimited Hub storage and you can organize your Hub with Collections
  • Save, Export, Share
  • Advanced touch-up tools
  • Primo effects, graphics, fonts
  • Re-editable images, in Hub
  • Top-shelf templates
  • No ads

Graphic design templates sized just for social. Take PicMonkey's ad-vice.

Mum only needs the Basic plan as she isn't rich and to be honest with you, we both think it should be cheaper, but as she really needs the extra features right now, she is willing to continue her subscription for a while to see what other fantastic photo art and graphics she comes up with. And I can't wait to see her new book covers!

Caturday Art Blog Hop

Create beautiful art with your pet photos!

Come on furiends and animal lovers, let's see your animal photo art. All animals welcome, not just cats! Some free photo editors and apps are really simple to use and you can have a beautiful artsy photo of your pet to share in an instant! 

Join us every Saturday!

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sunday Selfie Friendly Fill-Ins

Friendly Fill-Ins with 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs

1. Being creative is both a blessing and a curse. I'm sure many creative souls understand what I mean.
2. If mood swings or rejections were worth money, then I would be rich.
3. I am proud of being a cat mum. Definitely what I'm here for. Cats are my babies and best friends.
4. If I could time travel, I would visit the year 1816 and get to hang around Lake Geneva with Percy and Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. I would love to be present on the night when Byron suggested to the small gathering there that each should write a ghost story. This is the night Mary's novel Frankenstein was born.

1. Being a cat is the most purrfect existence.
2. If purrs were worth money, then I would be rich.
3. I am proud of being there for Mum when she needs me and I'm proud of her!
4. If I could time travel I would go back to the time when felines were worshipped in Egypt. I want to see if I could be any more worshipped than I am right now. I would take Mum with me too as she wouldn't want to be parted from me. Who knows, maybe we might meet our past live selves there?

As always we are joining The Cat on my Head's Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.