Saturday, 21 April 2018

Astronomy Day #CaturdayArt

Happy Caturday!

As it's Astronomy Day we've gone all "Starry Night" with this Van Gogh Art effect from LunaPic.

Some News

The next few Caturday Art Blog Hops will be a quick affair for us as Mum is busy with our house move. She's currently hard at work scheduling posts for the next few weeks until the property sale and purchase is finalised. As anyone who's moved home knows, it can be torture and at times you may feel like you are losing it. Selling houses and buying another, is one of the most stressful experiences in life that will make even the calmest most easy-going person want to bang their head against the wall and pull their hair out! (Not that Mum does this, but I can tell she wants to.)

And for Mum, who is already an anxious, highly-sensitive soul and who suffers from depression, it's a nightmare. My poor Mum! There is so much she has to do but she doesn't want to let our blog suffer so she will be scheduling posts in advance but apologies for not being able to visit and comment on your blogs.

We've had so many setbacks during this move, and now the exchange and completion stage is the final hurdle and this is what's happening now for us. If all goes well, we shall be at our new property in about 3 weeks' time. Mum will be documenting the move and will try to update on our social media whenever she can. As for keeping up with you all on this blog, we hope we can get our internet connection at the new place sorted out quickly!

Simply edit photos of your pets using one of the many free photo editors available online - or any editing program you like. Enjoy creating and sharing your digital animal art in this fun blog hop. Or if you are an artist, show us your pet art! But not on the actual animal, thanks. That is not art and it's cruel!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wordless Wednesday Turns into a Wordy One

Happy Wednesday! 

As you can see from the two photos below, Mum had to go and wake me up from my nap for a kissing selfie. She gets needy like this when she's under a lot of strain. I love her to bits but how would she like it if I woke her up constantly with my demands?

Oh yeah, I do 😻

But that's beside the point as I'm a cat.

The pics are a bit blurry because Mum's hand shook as she was trying to take the two "selfies" so she had to tart them up a bit with filters before I agreed to post them.

FYI, I do give my mum lots of love and healing purrs and kisses when she needs them, and that's been rather often lately, what with all the pressure of trying to sell the house. It seems we have encountered a buyer from hell. Can't say much more than that of course, and we can't name any names, but we are almost there, or almost not. Confused? Well, how do you think we feel?

We found a lovely house in a nice spot near some trees because Mum needs trees nearby and one of the reasons she wants to move is that there are hardly any trees left in the hellhole where we currently live. This hellhole was apparently a beautiful suburban part of North London back in the day when Granny moved here in the late 1960s.

So, a nice house, in a nice spot outside London and we've been waiting to move there. But of course, there have been delays and more delays with the buyer of our property due to stuff a cat will never be able to understand (human minds and methods are insane!)

Mum needs to stay sane like me so I'm doing my bit to help every day.

Like cheering her up last night with my crazy antics. The usual, like scooting across the room at lightning speed and skidding on packing paper, ending up at Mum's feet. I also do a fine meerkat impression, which Mum really needs to film so she can show everyone. She has to film the skidding too. Shame that I do these things on the spur of the moment and so she is never quite prepared. Imagine if she did capture it all on film? It could go viral, making me a star and that in turn would earn us some money so we could just buy a house and move to wherever we want without the need for shaky, indecisive buyers.

catmum and her furchild

kiss kiss

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