Saturday, 23 June 2018

Caturday Art #LetItGoDay

Made with BeFunky but Mum cannot remember what filter she used.

So today is Let it Go Day and we cats are experts at doing just that, are we not? 😻

Take my advice, when anything or anyone gets you down, just let it go and relax, take a nap. I tell my Mum this all the time. And don't forget to stretch that tense body a bit...

Do some stretches (Yoga is purrfect for that.) Mum enjoys the cat pose the most. Obviously, the woman in the video is not my mum but one day I will switch that camera on and film her in secret doing her yoga. She films me in secret often enough!

Mum added some vintage-like filter in PiZap

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday Selfie, Father's Day and a #FreeBook

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In my selfie for today, I am perched up high on my scratching post awaiting more adoration from my public (and Mum).

Speaking of Mum, her book Frozen in Time is FREE on Kindle again. She figured all the hard work of writing her books, especially this historical vampire trilogy did not pay off and she did not become the successful author she had hoped to be. With that idea, she told me the other night that she might as well give it away since no-one is willing to pay for it. Self-published in September 2011, the novel (and trilogy) took her years to write, plus years and years of research. It was a story inspired by two of her favourite movies Interview with the Vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula (which starred the excellent actor Gary Oldman) and of course the Hammer films starring Christopher Lee which Mum loved to stay up late and watch as a young girl. Her dad though actually had a phobia of watching any of the Dracula films. Funnily enough, some people thought he had a passing resemblance to Lee.😻

Today is Father's Day of course. Mum is thinking of her late dad, who passed away in 2010 before he got the chance to read any of Mum's books or to meet me. Mum misses him, even though their relationship wasn't all that great. They sort of made up when he got ill though. From the photo below, you can tell she adored her daddy as a young girl.

Download Mum's novel for free here

Hugs and purrs to anyone missing their father today xx 💚💓

Mum as a little girl in the 1960s with her daddy.

Granddad in the 1980s. He must have been in his early 40s here. 

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