Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Tabby Tuesday Rescue Cats #CharityTuesday

Rescue cats rock


PHOTO Wood Green The Animals Charity

This beautiful Tabby girl is Tiggy. At 18 years of age, the senior citizen has "stolen the hearts of everyone she’s met".  She wants a new home where she can spend her time enjoying "long fusses and snoozing." This golden oldie would be better suited to a peaceful home without other animals or kids. Find out more about this lovely lady at the Godmanchester site of Wood Green, The Animals Charity


All proceeds from A Forever Home For Athena will be donated to the following charities:

Wood Green The Animals Charity
Greek Cat Welfare Society
Cats Protection



More homeless pets looking for forever homes can be found on my Mum's Pinterest Pet Rescue board.
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. As a rescue kitty myself I want to help other rescues find their forever home, so each week on Charity Tuesday I share adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animals Charity (which is where I was rescued) and some other charities dear to our hearts. Mum and I are so grateful to Wood Green because without them we would never have found each other! Please note however that this post does contain some affiliate links. This means if you click on the Amazon links to purchase any of the items featured, I will receive a small affiliate commission. We are not affiliated with any charity mentioned in this post.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Friendlies and Selfies

Before we get to the Friendly Fill-Ins, here's my Sunday Selfies for today.

Sunday Selfie

Sunday Selfies

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Friendly Fill-Ins 

Hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing

1. ____________________ and ______________ go hand in hand.
2. _____________________ makes my heart happy.
3. Don’t be afraid to _________.
4. If _________ was a sport, I would win hands down.

Marie's answers:
1. Writing and cats go hand in hand.
2. Sleeping and snuggling in bed with Athena makes my heart happy.
3. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and stick up for what you believe in.
4. If being depressed was was a sport, I would win hands down.

Athena's answers:
1. Mummy and I go hand in hand.
2. Being stroked and groomed by Mum makes my heart happy.
3. Don't be afraid to keep your human well-trained.
4. If getting my own way was a sport, I would win paws down.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Why We Haven't Been Around Much #CaturdayArt

Happy Caturday!

Hope you've all had a good week :)

Just in case you're wondering why we haven't been around much lately it's because Mum hasn't been feeling very well. Apart from depression and anxiety, she has been feeling very tired lately and experiencing some shortness of breath. She put it down to being stressed but a blood test reveals that she is slightly anaemic, which is nothing new because she's always been slightly anaemic. 

Mum has a genetic blood disorder called Beta Thalassemia Trait (also known as Thalassemia minor). This means her blood doesn't form healthy red blood cells. She was born with it, as are many many others in the world (mostly people of Mediterranean descent). As regular visitors may know, Mum was born in England but her Mum and Dad came to England in the late 1950s from Cyprus and are Greek Cypriot (they did not arrive together though, because Grandma and Grandad met in England).

Luckily, Mum doesn't have the more severe form of this disorder as she is only a carrier and so was her late dad. She explains it better on her blog.

The doctor has prescribed Iron pills for her and she is to take them for a couple of months. She's taken them before, quite a long time ago when she got very anaemic. She wrote a bit about this in her memoir.


As Mum didn't feel much like overworking herself, she decided to keep my art simple this week by using the Painnt app. She forgot the effect she used.

Caturday Art

Of course, I have been taking care of my dear Mum and reminding her to take naps with me. I purr and show her love to help her de-stress too. She needs to take it easy and start taking more care of herself. 

Want to participate in the Caturday Art Blog Hop? Just enter any animal art or animal photo art. You don't have to be an artist, just get creative with your photos - there are so many free online photo editor apps or sites to choose from. Then add your photo and link to our linky below and share on your blogs (linking back to us would be great too!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday Selfie from Instagram with Friendly Fill-Ins

Happy Sunday!

Mum has been busy and feeling very tired so we are taking it easy today. 

Here are a couple of Instagram selfies for our Sunday Selfies post today. Follow me if you're on there and I will follow you back if you are a pet account.

Purrs xx

This one is a bit blurry but I like my shadow on the wall :)

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Friday Fill-Ins

1. Better to be ____________ than ___________________-.  2. Don’t _______________ just because ________________.
3. You couldn’t pay me to _________.
4. _________ is my comfort food.

Marie's Answers:
1. Better to be safe than sorry. 
2. Don’t buy something just because it's in fashion. Never follow the herd, start your own trend! Be unique :)
3. You couldn’t pay me to eat meat (I buy it for Athena though).
4. Mashed potato is my comfort food, or Shephard's Pie made with vegan mince. And of course, chocolate! 

Athena's Answers: 
1. Better to be a cat than a dog. 
2. Don't do what your human tells you just because they think they own you. 
3. You couldn't pay me to eat what my Mum eats.
4. Smilla Toothies is my comfort food.

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