Sunday, 26 January 2020

Goodbye, Sweet Angel

We are so heartbroken for our friends at Eastside Cats who have had to say goodbye to their sweet Angel who has just crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

ANGEL (photo from Eastside Cats)

Sending our love, purrs, and hugs to her family at this sad time 💚💜

Rest in Peace, dear Angel xx

Nap Time #SundaySelfie

Happy Sunday!

I woke up from my nap and remembered to take my Sunday Selfie. Now it's back to my Easy Like Sunday afternoon nap 💤🛌

close up of tabby cat

We are joining The Cat on my Head for the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop


Based in Cyprus Cyprus Pride House rehomes hundreds of cats and dogs all over Europe.

My grandparents are Greek and came to England from Cyprus so Mum and I feel a close connection to Greek and Cypriot rescue cats. For one thing, we know cats and dogs are often treated as vermin over there and there are thousands of unneutered cats, most of them strays, left to keep reproducing. This makes Mum very angry to know that this still goes on in this day and age. Of course, animals suffer all over the world, but we can't help them all as much as we would like to :(

As we can't afford to donate to every charity that needs our urgent help, we are doing our best to help by sharing, as we always do on this blog and on social media.

This beauty is LAYLA and she is looking for a home. She can be adopted in Europe and the UK


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