Sunday 5 May 2019

May Day Bank Holiday Sunday Selfie & Friendly Fill-Ins

Here's some spring art for the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend! I am using it for my Sunday Selfie.

Mum found this frame on one of the iPhone photo apps.

tabby cat spring graphic

Birthday Commentathon

On Tuesday it's my 8th birthday and we're having a Commentathon. Each comment you leave on Tuesday's birthday post,  Mum will put £1 towards buying something special from Wood Green The Animal Charity's Amazon Wish List! This is our favourite charity to support because if it wasn't for them we would never have found each other. Those of you who know my story will be aware that I was rescued by this pawsome charity and Mum adopted me when I was a ten-week-old kitten.

So please put the date in your diary and don't forget to comment! Let's help some amazing animals in need!

Sunday Selfies is hosted by The Cat on my Head

Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs

1. 13 years ago, I _________.
2. By this time next year, I hope to _________.
3. One word that describes me is _________.
4. If my life were a book or movie, it would be in the _________ genre.

1. 13 years ago, I was working hard on my novels, dreaming of being published and becoming a successful author. I am now published, albeit self-published,  but haven't had much success. Another dream dead. But there's still hope, I know. Until then I'll keep blogging and writing.
2. By this time next year, I hope to be better off financially as right now I'm struggling.
3. One word that describes me is sensitive. Too sensitive sometimes.
4. If my life were a book or movie, it would be in the drama genre. Hopefully, I get a happy ending though.

1. 13 years ago I wasn't here. I wasn't even born!
2. By this time next year, I hope I'm more famous than I am now so I can help more rescue kitties.
3. One word that describes me is beautiful.
4. If my life were a book or movie - I have a book already, my rescue story. Check it out here if you haven't read it yet! I'm raising funds for rescue animals and not making a penny out of it for myself. Yes, that's 100 per cent royalties heading to three of my favourite animal charities if you purchase. It doesn't cost much, either!

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Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That's a pretty selfie. I'll be back on Tuesday.

pilch92 said...

That is so sweet of your mum to have a commentathon for your birthday Athena. We will definitely comment. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I love your book Athena and I think it is sweet to donate the royalties to help other kitties. Have a wonderful birthday week! XO

Dash Kitten Crew said...

I love the wood Green people, because I lived there for a time while I was in London (OK a few years out of the 20!)

I will be back, and I will share your Birthday post too.

Timmy Tomcat said...

We wouldnt miss your Birthday for Anything dear Athena Goodness I think we met you pretty soon after you had your blog and are so glad we did. We read your book and are reading Moms story The Cat Years now. Purrs to you both

meowmeowmans said...

We love your selfie, Athena! How nice of you and Mum Marie to have a commentathon for your birthday. We will come and comment, for sure! XO

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Happy Birthday, for tomorrow, Athena, and we hope to hop by for the commentathon. That is a great charity to support, too.

Sherri-Ellen T-D. said...

Meow meow beeuteefull selfie an frame Athena!! Cherry blossomss are so kewl!!!
An wee do our best to come vizzi totmorrow fore yore Birfday!
***purrsss*** BellaDharma

Cathy Keisha said...

Pretty pic and great fill-ins, Athena. TW's answers would have looked like your mum's without the published/written books. MOL!

Eastside Cats said...

Athena, "My life is a book already!" LOL! And I have your book too!

Brian's Home Blog said...

You selfie sure is stunning sweet girl! Hey, you are famous!

Peachy, Stippie, Angel Binky and Granny said...

Love that sweet flowerful Selfie, sweet Athena🌷❤Pawkisses for a Happy day🐾😚😻

The Menagerie Mom said...

What a pretty selfie this is, Athena! Of course, you're always pretty. And thank you both for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Being a published author is indeed an accomplishment of which to be very proud. Athena, you sure are beautiful, but that's also such an understatement for you!