Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Cat Writer

Here I am working on my book

And here it is already on Amazon

There are only a few more days left for you to purchase my animal rescue story at a special low price.
Mum and I will be donating all royalties to 3 of our chosen animal rescue charities.

But this offer only lasts until the end of September. In October, when the promo ends, Mum will raise the price and will then be back to donating a percentage of the proceeds. She would like to keep it a 100 % but unfortunately, she isn't a rich author and cannot afford to. She hopes she will be one day though, or at least have more money, but not because she likes fancy stuff. No, nothing shallow like that. She'd like to be rich (or at least better off) so she can help animals. She hopes to open her own no-kill cat shelter one day.

To everyone who has bought my book, thank you so much!

You can download the book or purchase a paperback copy HERE


  1. Lovely- absolutely love it - WOOF!

  2. Don't worry Athena, your mother is clearly a wonderful person. It's okay to want some of the royalties! It's hard to be a writer. Much love Goddess Athena!

  3. I love my fellow kitty authors, especially generous ones! Paws up, Athena!

  4. So nice to meet you and your Mum Athena. Your book looks like a good one. We can't order one rigfht now, but we sure appreciate you putting some of the money from the book into helping the homeless animals. We have a whole bunch of cats here just because they didn't have any where else to go. Thanks for coming by our blog. Take care.

  5. Way to go sweet Athena! Press any key to continue!

  6. Lovely Athena! You are not only utterly lovely but super talented too! Yay! Take care

  7. Athena, we don't see your paws. Do you type with your nose? That must be slow going. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Maurico, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona,Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Athena, you are adorable AND clever. :) We just ordered your Mom's book. Please tell her we said thank you for being so generous.

  9. Athena is so talented! Mr. N types too but it usually doesn't make much sense.

  10. Thank you for your lovely comments. We appreciate it!

    Purrs x


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