Friday, 24 October 2014

Caturday Art


We have two photos for you today.

We used PicMonkey for this first one. As you can see, I'm Mummy's little star :)

Mummy's little star

And here's my Halloween pic again from my Halloween post just in case you missed it.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Dangers of Halloween for Cats

Our humans may be looking forward to Halloween but are we? Let's face it, at this time of the year things can get a little nasty for cats, especially black cats, and we can often be the targets of cruel pranks.

So, what do we say to that? Keep cats inside! That's right. Even those kitties that like to go outside, you must listen to your guardians and stay in. Why? Well, I don't like to scare anyone, but it's a fact that there are some not-so-nice people about. Not everyone loves cats, and cats, especially black cats, can be at risk around Halloween. Mum says that there are evil individuals out there that think it's cool to torture and kill cats. And in England around this time there is also Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes night) to contend with. Lots of fireworks going off everywhere - far too noisy for me!

Did you know that many animal shelters refuse to adopt out black cats during the entire month of October? Yes, the fear that harm will come to them makes many shelters decide not to rehome black cats around the time of Halloween, and good on them, I say! Think for a moment. Some sicko may only want the cat to go with their costume and may either return the cat to the shelter after Halloween, or toss it out in the streets like some unwanted toy. Or even worse - torture it. Yes, there are even some sadists that will be on the lookout for sacrificial cats. You just don't know who lives in your neighbourhood (especially in a city or large town). You must always be wary.

Don't forget that if your humans are going to open the door to every trick-or-treater, you must make sure to stay in a secure room that your human must have prepared for you in case you suddenly decide to bolt out the door. Why you would want to do that when you are so comfy and well-looked after during a night like this is beyond me. But, being of curious nature, cats will do anything! Don't forget that chocolate and candy is bad for cats too, so stay away and also refuse any offerings from any human who is ignorant to this fact, and children too. Humans - tell your kids not to give them out to pets too!

Other things for cat guardians and parents to remember:

Don't dress up an animal in Halloween costume. Luckily, Mum is not a fan of dressing up pets, but you may think differently. However, please stop and think how you would feel if someone came along and dressed you up in some ridiculous costume without asking you. Not nice is it? It can be dangerous too. Costumes that are tightened with rubber bands can cut off circulation. Some may even be flammable and can catch alight easily with all the candles and Jack O' lanterns about, which your pets must keep away from too, regardless if they are in costume or not.

Also, dear humans, please try not to scream and screech. Think of your cat's sensitive hearing (and Mum's). It's nice to have fun but not nice to be selfish and cause others distress whilst doing so. Some cats can really freak out with all the screaming kids in costume prowling though the street and banging on doors - some who may even have intention to harm. Yes, you never know who is hiding behind that Scream mask.

Other than that, Mum and I hope you and your humans have a great and safe Halloween!