Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 of Our Favourite Cat Products

Athena here. You'll have to excuse me for this post though, as I have some very important bug watching to do today. I mustn't let that ladybird (ladybug) get away, so I'll leave you in the capable hands of my mum. She is about to tell you about some of my favourite cat products.

Marie here: OK, Athena, you keep your eyes on that bug and don't let it fly anywhere near me.

First of all, this is what Athena likes to eat. It's  Vet's Kitchen Chicken & Brown Rice Complete Adult Cat Food 800g (Pack of 3) Athena won't eat anything else. Designed by vets and made in Britain, Vet's Kitchen is good quality pet food and I would rather give this to my fur baby than the usual brands you find in supermarkets (although some stores do stock it). I get mine from Amazon (see above).

Athena may not look too excited in the following, photo but she does absolutely love this new toy I just bought her. It's Rosewood Laser Cat Toy As she needs to exercise more, I thought this would be excellent for her. And so far it seems to be working as she just loves chasing after the red dot! I feel a bit guilty though, like I'm cheating her because she isn't actually catching anything. She's not stupid. She can tell it's just a game! Problem is, I bet she'll soon grow bored of it.
In the next photo we see Athena and her little friend. She carries him or her around in her mouth and then starts meowing to get my attention when I'm not in the room. She sometimes brings this little friend to me as well and drops it in front of my feet. It was part of a fishing rod toy from a local shop and I'm afraid only the head is left now. I removed the eyes because I thought they might be a danger to her. You can never be too careful with pet toys so always check them for any bits that have the potential to fall off as they could cause choking. The reason only the head is remaining is because of wear and tear. The string just snapped and I'd had enough of tying it back only for it to snap off again.

Athena also loves these little treats from Vet's Kitchen. They are Vet's Kitchen Little Hearts Finest Salmon and Trout 60 g (Pack of 4) I make sure she doesn't have them every day though because she needs to watch her weight (like her mum).

This is one of Athena's addictions. Vitakraft Cat Grass 120 g (Pack of 6) Cat grass is really good for kitties! However, I always supervise her when she's nibbling and move it to another room after she's had what I consider enough.

So there you have it. Some of Athena's favourite cat products. What products do your pets really love?

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

#Giveaway! Pet Tarot Reading

We hope you enjoyed reading last month's winner Wally from The Island Cat's Tarot reading. If you fancy winning a Tarot reading for your pet please read on!

Each month ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a FREE TAROT READING for their pet. Yes, it says Tarot Cat on this photo, but we don't want any of our other furry friends missing out!

Tarot Cat

And guess what? Mum is going to use her new cat tarot deck for the readings!

To enter, just comment below.

The winner will by notified by email and you can then give Mum the info she requires, such as the name of your pet and a photo. You will receive the reading by email, and if you like, you can agree to have it published here on this blog. But that is entirely up to you.

These are the questions that will be answered in the reading:
  1. Is there anything in my pet's past my pet would like me to know about? How is my pet's past affecting him/her now?
  2. Is my pet trying to tell me something? How does he/she feel at present? 
  3. What does my pet require from me and is there anything I can do to make his/her life better?

***Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. If you suspect your pet is unwell, please seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible.***
Assisting Mum with Tarot Readings

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a reading for your pet? 

  1. Please leave a comment saying you would like to enter. That is all!
Good luck!

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