Saturday, 6 February 2016

Caturday Art


We have two amazing caturday art creations today... 

First, here is the original photo.

Then Mum created this with the free online editor BeFunky

She then experimented a little with the same editing program to achieve this rather nice, bright and cheery pic. Which do you prefer? I can't really choose as I like them both!

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wordless Wednesday

You may remember that Mum has been trying to find wet cat food that I will like.  Well, after a long time searching, with lots of stress involved, she finally found one I do quite enjoy. As I mentioned in a previous post it's 16 x 190g Indoor & Sterilised Feline Tetra Pak Saver Pack Bozita Wet Cat Food 

I admit I do enjoy licking it. The jelly tastes lovely. I won't give in and eat the whole lot though, so Mum ends up throwing some of it away. I just don't want to give up my dry food just yet. But we have swapped our usual dry, which Mum says had too much rice in it, for Encore Cat Food Dry Mix 800g, Pack of 3 which I like just as much. Both are available from Amazon (UK), but Mum likes to buy Bozita from Zooplus

To keep this 'Wordless Wednesday' post short we thought we'd share this Instagram video of me enjoying my Bozita cat food. It's really tasty!

Disclaimer: I received no componsation for writing this post. However, this post does contain Amazon affiliated links. Full disclosure

A video posted by Athena (@athenawisekitty) on