Sunday, 10 December 2017

Snowday Selfie

Happy Sunday!

It snowed today in London and as it's been a while everyone is getting excited. Some children down our road have never seen snow before I believe. and were out early playing and enjoying it all.
I don't remember seeing any snow either. Well, only once when I was a kitten, and Mum has this photo to prove it as you can see.

Snowday Sunday
Me when I first saw snow as a youngster in 2012

In the photo below I was curious this morning to see the world turning white. But as I'm really not that bothered about snow, it doesn't really excite me like it does Mum. The thing is I just hate to feel cold so all I wanted to do today was snuggle indoors, preferably on Mum's warm comfy lap, but she's been too busy rushing around putting stuff into boxes.

What can that mean, I wonder?🙀

Sunday Selfie
Me gazing in awe this morning when all the white stuff started falling outside.

These two black and white selfies below have nothing to do with snow as they were taken earlier this week when Mum had been feeling very stressed and so needed a cuddle with me. I always make her feel better. Nothing beats pure kitty love. 💖😽

Sunday Selfie with my mum


And here is a video of me gazing out at the snow falling.

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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Caturday Art: Grungy Frame

Happy Caturday!

I really like this but Mum can't remember what filter she used. However, she says the grunge frame is from FotoJet.

Caturday Art

I'm showing off a couple of my magnet designs available from my Zazzle store! (affiliate links). These magnets look amazing on refrigerators or any magnetic surface, They are also stain and water resistant!

Check them out below 😻

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