Friday, 22 May 2015

Caturday Art

We thought we'd feature some of our creations today. Well Mum creates, I just inspire and pose!

We have a Zazzle shop. CatGoddessDesigns Actually we have tree as Mum has another two of her own: PurrsFullOfLove and MoonwishDesigns. And she also recently added some designs to RedBubble.

It's not easy to sell on these, but it's fun (and easy) to create (so Mum tells me). And she is a creative soul as you all know.

For the Cat Lady

Athena Wise Kitty bag
Athena Wise Kitty bag by CatGoddessDesigns
Check out more Cat lady Bags at Zazzle

For Cat Mums

And as Father's Day is coming up soon, how about this 

Proud Cat Daddy T-shirt?

For Children

Happy Caturday!

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Throwback Thursday

It's been a while since we posted a throwback photo here. This is me as a very young kitten back in 2011. Mum says I reminded her of a little fox cub when she first saw me. She says it's because I had a very thin pointed face with big pointy ears. I know I was quite thin, but I soon put on weight!

Sorry for the blurriness of this photo. It was taken on my mum's old mobile phone and the quality wasn't that great.