Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday Selfie


I am taking it easy on mum's lap today (that's if she can sit still for long enough).

Why are humans always rushing around? She says she's busy but I can see how stressed she gets. She has a lot of worries about the house move. She hates that it's taking so long and being stuck in a chain. Like most people, she finds it frustrating. All I can do is offer her lots of love and healing purrs. 

Do you like to sleep on your human's lap? Is your human always stressed?

lap cat
Maybe some of you haven't seen this video of me before so I'm sharing it again! Hear my healing purrs!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday!

This week we are trying a new online photo editor we've just heard about.

Canva is free for basic photo-editing, but if you want access to more editing features you will need to sign up for a free account. 

Mum signed up and tried some of the various filters and will continue to try out more when she has extra time on her hands. It's simple to use and there are many layouts that you can use for free.

I am not being sponsored for this post so can't write a full review, but I was asked to try it out and I thought I would since I love experimenting with new photo editors, especially for the Caturday Art hop!

Mum used the greyscale filter to turn my photo into black and white. It has a nice dreamy quality to it I think. 

Then Mum tried the Epic filter for this photo.

Canva Epic Filter

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