Sunday, 26 June 2016

Instagram Sunday Selfie

Mum got a bit behind with the blogging this week so here's a selfie from my Instagram account.

Happy Sunday!

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Caturday Art: Remembering Suzy

Happy Caturday! 

Unfortunately for us it's a sad one today as we remember Mum's first true soulmate cat, Suzy, who passed away on June 29 1998. 

We are also sad today because just two days ago a very dear cat to us (my cousin Molly, who was Mum's brother's cat) passed away. We hope Suzy and Molly are now being looked after by my granddad Jimmy.

Mum has shared some words about Suzy from one of her old diary entries. You can read them on her other blog here.

For Caturday Art here is a photo of Mum and Suzy.

and here it is transformed into Pop Art

caturday art

Some of you may not know that Mum wrote a whole story inspired by Suzy called The Snowflake Pendant, which is available in both paperback and Kindle format from Amazon. Mum's memoir The Cat Years: How My Cat Soulmates Saved Me also features Suzy, as well as myself! If you want to know more about Mum's books visit her Amazon Author Page.


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