Friday, 28 April 2017

#CaturdayArt: Sense of Smell Day


Today we are celebrating Sense of Smell Day.

What smells are your favourite?

Here are my top five: 
  • Mum's scent because she smells of love, comfort and safety. Plus, I always know I will be fed when she's around. 
  • Bozita* Chicken. I love the smell of this delicious cat food from Sweden, and it's so tasty.
  • Lavender. Mum uses lavender oil in her bath to help her relax. This means her bath towel often retains the scent. Sometimes when the towel is dry I find it folded on our bed so I like to roll about on it.
  • Carrots drive me crazy too - more than catnip does!
  • Birdies (yes, I love the aroma of birdie wafting through the window)

The top five smells I hate: 
  • Bananas are revolting (Mum hates their awful stench too)
  • Other Cats 
  • Dogs
  • Wine
  • Coffee 
Mum used Dreamscope for my Caturday Art today. This is the Secret Garden filter. Mum said it suits today's theme purrfectly. Mum added a frame from PicMonkey*

You can almost smell the flowers in this fairytale secret garden, can't you?

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