Tuesday 17 September 2019

Adopt Sweep #CharityTuesday

It's Tuxie Tuesday as well as Charity Tuesday so here's lovely Tuxedo cat Sweep, who is up for adoption at Wood Green, The Animals Charity (yeah, where I was adopted from!)


Photo: Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Sweep is a handsome 13- year-old gent currently residing at the Heydon centre of Wood Green whilst awaiting his forever home.

Charming Sweep is an affectionate boy who loves to be around people and enjoys greeting you with big purrs. He also loves to sit on your lap and receive a cuddle. 

Sweep is FIV+ and will need a rural home with no other cats around.

I was rescued and adopted as a kitten in July 2011


Athens Cats

Can you adopt a cat from Greece?  Cat charity NineLivesGreece is run by "a handful of volunteers"  who dedicate their spare time to the stray cats of Athens. With "no office, no shelter facilities, no animal ambulance or transport van" the charity does not receive any state funding or assistance.  

Nine Lives Greece's main aim is the "humane reduction of the stray cat overpopulation through trap-neuter-return programmes. Each year, we get hundreds of stray cats in Athens neutered/spayed, greatly reducing the numbers of unwanted kittens born each season, and ensuring a healthier adult cat population."

Nine Lives Greece also helps to improve the quality of life for existing street cats through feeding programmes on a daily basis - feeding nearly 450 stray and abandoned cats in central Athens and giving routine anti-parasite treatment, and veterinary care for ill or injured cats. In addition, they find loving, responsible homes for as many stray or abandoned cats and kittens as possible.

Here are a couple of cuties currently in need of forever homes. Don't worry about not being able to read Greek (we can't either) as you will see the English text below.

Do you like books? How about cats? How about #books and #cats combined? Well we got the solution! Stevie and Lulu, boy and girl they love each other and they love to read! They are looking for a sophisticated home together. #sharingiscaring ——- Αγαπάτε τα βιβλία; Ποια η γνώμη σας για τις γάτες; Τι θα λέγατε για συνδυασμό γάτας και βιβλίων; Ε, σας έχουμε τη λύση! Η Λουλού και ο Στίβι είναι δυο γατάκια που αγαπιούνται μεταξύ τους αλλά τους αρέσει και...το διάβασμα! Αναζητούν ένα σοφιστικέ σπίτι μαζί! Θα μας βοηθησεις; ——- #pamespiti #ninelivesgreece #adoptme #adoptdontshop #kittens #catsandbooks #cute #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #katzen #gato #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #παμεσπιτι #εφταψυχες #kittenrescue #tinybutmighty
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tabby cat with wide green eyes adopt don't shop graphic


Overlooked cats in Britain

Sadly, there are so many overlooked cats urgently needing forever homes everywhere. Here is a list of UK rescue shelters and charities from the cat rescue resource CatChat.org, with details of harder to home senior cats, black cats, special needs cats, FIV+ cats and feral/farm cats. 

(PHOTO borrowed from CatChat.org)



All proceeds from A Forever Home For Athena will be donated to the following charities:

Wood Green The Animals Charity
Greek Cat Welfare Society
Cats Protection



More homeless pets looking for forever homes can be found on my Mum's Pinterest Pet Rescue board.
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. As a rescue kitty myself I want to help other rescues find their forever home, so each week on Charity Tuesday I share adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animals Charity (which is where I was rescued) and some other charities dear to our hearts. Mum and I are so grateful to Wood Green because without them we would never have found each other! Please note: We are here to help cats and give our time freely. We also ensure that to the best of our knowledge and research other lesser-known charities mentioned are legit.  

This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.


Summer said...

I hope these kitties all find homes soon!

pilch92 said...

I hope all these cuties get forever homes soon. XO

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

I wish I could adopt them all. Or at least a few. I'm pretty sure Bear would disown me.

Lone Star Cats said...

Hope they all find furever homes soon.

meowmeowmans said...

Sweep, Stevie, Lulu and Myrto are all so precious. We hope they find homes of their own soon. We will share!