Friday, 4 November 2016

Caturday Art: Bonfire Night


sleeping through the fireworks
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Tonight is Bonfire Night in the UK, or Guy Fawkes Night, or it's simply Fireworks season because that's what it's become in recent years (so Mum tells me.) This silly season begins in September and lasts until well after New Year's Eve with fireworks going off at all hours (yeah, even daytime.)

It never used to be this way.

Mum says in the olden days (when she was a kid in the 70s and 80s) people celebrated Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November. Maybe they had less money to spend back then, so couldn't afford to buy so many fireworks. People, especially youngsters, were less spoilt then and it was also more fun to have something to look forward to. But in these days of instant gratification no one has the patience to wait for anything anymore. 

The point is fireworks can be lethal and let's not forget the distress they cause to pets, other animals and wildlife.

Why are there not any stricter laws in place? Why don't they only allow shops to sell fireworks just a day or two before Bonfire Night? They should be banned and kept for public displays only. But it's all about MONEY isn't it?

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As a UK blog this post is written from a British perspective but we're wondering...


Are tougher laws in place for the sale and use of fireworks in your country? I know Caturday Art is supposed to be a fun post but it's good to have discussions every now and then, isn't it?

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  1. When we first moved to our state, you could not buy fireworks and private displays were illegal. It changed sometime back, but most people do not light off fireworks except for a day or two around 4th of July and sometimes on New Year's Eve. Stay safe, Athena. Your art is gorgeous today. W'll be joining you later. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. We're not sure, but we think fireworks here are restricted to right around 4th of July. Everyone in this house would be thrilled to never hear them again.

  3. We feel so bad for you. We know how we feel on July 4th (which actually starts in May lol). It's ridiculous. You are right, years ago it was different. Now it is all about noise, fear and destruction. Sad. catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Fireworks are illegal in my state, but people go to the next state and purchase them. I hate fireworks and feel bad for my kitties. Our are usually in the summer and we hear some around New Year's Eve too. XO

  5. Fireworks make me bark. I don't like them at all, so I am happy that they are highly restricted here in Vancouver. You can buy them for about one week leading up to Halloween and only adults can have them in their possession.
    Your Furend in Vancouver
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  6. I'm so sorry you have to put up with so much fireworks nonsense. Fireworks here in California are limited. Only certain types (the ones that don't go up into the air) can be sold to people over 16 years old a few days before the Fourth of July. My pets aren't bothered by the home-use fireworks and we're far enough away from the official community fireworks display that the pets aren't bothered by those either. But we all hate the illegal noisy bangs and whistly ones that someone in the neighborhood inevitably gets.

  7. People can buy fireworks year round in SC but most of them occur New Year's Eve and July 4.

  8. Here in the states the laws on fireworks vary based on location. In my state, it's technically illegal to purchase large fireworks. Of course, we're right next door to a state that does allow the purchase of them, so people cross right over the border, buy all they want, and then come back home with them. Luckily, though, these are primarily limited to the days closely surrounding July 4th. I can imagine the frustration you and your mom have with the excessive fireworks, Athena. How can anyone get any peace and quiet with those going off all the time? And even in the daytime? That must got more than a little old. At least you have the best mom who keeps you safe, Athena. Purrs to you!

  9. Ugh, I had no idea the fireworks around this holiday had spread over so many weeks. :-(

  10. This must be awful, Athena and Mary. We hate it too, but we now have a law that it is only allowed from 6 PM until 2 AM on New Years Day/Eve and the very loud firecrackers, like bombs, are forbidden, but who is following the law these days...sigh... Please stay safe inside my furriend and we hope that the police will catch them all and put them behind bars. Poor animals :( Pawkisses for a Silent and Peaceful Caturday :) <3

  11. Thank you all for your comments. Yes, it really is getting bad, but that's London for you. And I suppose most cities. Can't wait to move to somewhere quieter. Athena doesn't appear bothered by the loud bangs but they are annoying and sometimes it sounds like World War III has started. Our silly government does nothing :(

  12. We are terrified of fireworks and no matter how soft they scares us. We empathize. We love your artwork and that was a cool fireworks cartoon that perfectly expresses (in our opinion) how all cats feel about it!

  13. I agree it must be annoying and not very safe to have people setting off fireworks all over the place. Not sure about laws here in Maryland. We do hear "amateur" fireworks going off a couple times a year--on New Year's Eve and 4th of July. The pets don't like it!

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  15. The cities have laws against fireworks, but the police ignore them around the 4th of July and New Year's Eve, so people set them off anyway. They county doesn't have any laws against fireworks so we usually have to put up with them for a week or two before and after the 4th of July and New Year's until the people finally run of them. What really irritates us is the fact they can shoot guns so close to our house. Our neighbors truck got shot by another neighbor who was shooting at beaver. It was really scary to us as we are in the middle of these two neighbors the the bullet went through our yard.

  16. There are many laws in the State of Florida here in the US that dictates what fireworks can be set off at a non professional level, i.e. the neighbors. Basically anything that can travel a certain distance is banned. But, that doesn't seem to stop many people from finding illegal fireworks and shooting them off. We don't have a huge problem around us but we can see how dangerous it can be. GREAT ART Athena!!

  17. Most of what I could say about fireworks in the US has already been said. My state seems to allow the small "pop pop pop" kinds of firecrackers to be sold and if people want more they go across the state line and get them. I live in an unincorporated area where policing is minimal so we get fire works of ever size and shape frequently mostly without a good reason. But, they also fire off big cherry bombs when their ball club wins (since we have football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer in the area,it makes for a lot of noise). My cats don't hear it that much and if they do they go hide for awhile, but they don't seem to get stressed too much by it. My dog, on the other hand, has to go outside to potty at night and I have frequently had to bring her in without being able to go because she is frightened by fireworks. That ends up causing a long uncomfortable night for her or a three in the morning trip out because she can't hold it. We live in times where selfish, greedy, rude and indifference seem to be the norm ... how this happened, I don't really know, but I pray for the pendulum to swing back, if it isn't already too late. Just look at our politics ... that has to say something! This all makes me sad ... and it is stressful for the people who care as well. These are not happy times.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  18. Love your art work as usual. You are so good at doing art! Thanks for hosting this once again. I had trouble again this week linking up, but think we finally have it. Strange how one can do something for 10 years and all of a sudden can't do it anymore. That's what happened with us and trying to link up to anyone's link. It just wasn't working.

  19. their are alot of restrictions on fireworks in california because of the drought not wanting any more of the annual wild fires we get here. Love the photos always so cool thanks for hosting have a great weekend

  20. I am happy to report that in general Canadians don't seem to be too obsessed with fireworks aside from Canada day. And strangely enough Amarula is not bothered by them at all! She always insists on going outside when they are going on--very strange tortie! She probably think the sparkling flames bring out the green in her eyes!

  21. Stay safe. We hope the scary boomies aren't too bad. Our woofies used to hate fireworks.

    The Florida Furkids

  22. Love your Caturday art and we totally agree about the booms. During the 4th of July here people shoot them off fur weeks and New Years too and I hates them and they make me shakes a lot :/

    Matt (& Matilda)

  23. You always have such great art!
    Say safe from the boomies...

    Noodle and crew

  24. Love your art! Around here is the opposite. No one has money so even if there weren't laws there wouldn't be as many fire crackers going off all the time. TW said when she was a teenager, her area was like a war zone. It was worth your life to go out around the 4th of July. In contrast, she loves to watch the fireworks from NYC's Central Park from our window.

    1. BTW, I didn't link art today since my art was yesterday's peace globe. We spent over a week on it.

  25. Nice art! I hope your evening wasn't too loud with all of the fireworks.


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