Monday 18 February 2019

Our Amazon Influencer Page!

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Hi ya, furriends! 

We are so happy to announce that have now joined the Amazon Influencer program!

Athena and Marie Amazon Influencer page for cat people and their cat!

Yes, Mum and I now have an Amazon Storefront with curated lists of purrmazing cat-themed ideas we're sure cat people will love! 

What is an Amazon Influencer? 

When you join the Amazon Influencer Program you are able to recommend products to your followers and friends and then get paid a small commission when someone purchases from your store.

Is it the same as being an Amazon Associate?

The Amazon Influencer program is for qualifying social media influencers so you will need a qualifying YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to join. The Influencer Program also gives you access to additional tools and you can send traffic from social media platforms using your own page (storefront) and vanity URL, which you will receive once you're approved. You will then be able to curate your own lists of recommended products to your followers and earn a commission from anyone shopping through your storefront.

How do I join the Amazon Influencer Program?

Simply go to and complete the qualification process. 

How's Athena and Marie's Amazon Influencer page doing?

So far we are loving it. Mum has been busy choosing many of her favourite items.  She chose products that we use ourselves and other related products that we think will be of interest to you, our friends and followers. So that's mostly cats, but we're not all about cats! Mum has lots of other interests (mmm... I thought she only thought of me) and is loving creating lists for all sorts of stuff. 

I want to reassure you though, that she would never recommend anything she wouldn't consider buying herself and will only list things she likes and has bought and used herself.

As you can see from the following screenshots, most of our recommendations are cat inspired but Mum has included other things in her life that she uses daily or frequently.

And because Mum is an author she has also included her own books. To date, she's written 3 books about cats as well as books in other genres. Plus she has added a list of some great cat book reads by other authors too! 

You can check out our cat food and toys recommendations too, which is the most important of all!

fantastic finds for feline lovers on Amazon

my Amazon Influencer page contains everything for the cat and cat lover


We are sharing some Instagram photos and a video clip for The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies blog hop. We're a day late, I know.

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Eastside Cats said...

Do you get a stipend if I order something from the US? I hope so!
Athena, you are just the purrtiest!

Summer said...

This sounds like fun! I should set up some pages too!

pilch92 said...

That sounds like a great program. I also want to know like Eastside Cats asked, will you get paid if we order from the US? I hope so. XO

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Eastside Cats and Ellen - Yes, we do as I'm with the US program.

Thanks x

meowmeowmans said...

That's really cool! We'll check out our page!