Friday 31 January 2014

Check out Omzak the Space Cat Warrior!

Omzak the Spacecat Warrior
Omzak the Space Cat Warrior 

Omzak the Space Cat Warrior is an inspiring children's tale about an extraordinary intergalactic cat and the exciting adventures that he has with the variety of characters he meets on his travels. 

A story that conveys "positive messages to children everywhere",  it is surely a must-read for many - including adults!

Now, we haven't read the book yet, though we'd love to read it soon, but Omzak has a Facebook page and we've gone over and clicked 'like' so we can get to know him better and follow his adventures.

Who is Omzak?
Omzak is a Catopian, and Catopians count their years like humans do, so in December 2012 he turned 15. He sounds like a fun cat because he has a rebellious nature and was even expelled from nursery school because of it.

He is a big dreamer, and always dreamed of becoming a famous warrior. Now, from what I've heard he is also extremely talented - multi-talented in fact. An accomplished pianist, and majored in astro physics, history and every other subject on the curriculum. Mmmm... getting slightly envious here and I bet most of you other cats are too. And there's more: Bational Champion of martial arts, stick fighting and athletics!

But he went and got very arrogant, didn't he? And so, as you would expect, he had to learn his lesson and was sent to Earth to do just that. Guess where he ended up? Yeah, England!

Want to know more?

Join him on Facebook today! 

Disclosure: Though I was financially compensated for this post, the opinions are completely my own.

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This is my kind of Man Cat!