Saturday, 29 August 2015

Caturday Art: 8 Photos of Happiness

Happy Caturday!

Our friends at Lone Star Cats recently nominated us for the 8 Photos of Happiness challenge and so here we are sharing photos that make us happy! 

We decided to do it as part of our Caturday Art blog hop by creating a montage - a couple of montages actually - of 4 pics each. Then we added stuff to it to make it more arty. Both effects were achieved with the help of Pixiz and Picmonkey. Mum just played around with them both for a while and came up with these.

caturday art
These are photos of a younger me, very happy to have found my forever home!

caturday art
Slightly older me, loving life with my mum!

Here are the guidelines of the 8 Photos of Happiness challenge . . .
1. Thank your nominator(s) and link them to the post.
2. Link to the creator of the tag: Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet.
3. Post your eight photos of happiness.
4. Write a brief description of your photo, why you chose it, etc.
5. Spread the happiness by tagging up to ten other bloggers!

We've done all 4 but we believe some rules are meant to be broken and we haven't done number 5. Mum doesn't mean to be a spoilsport, but she hates tagging people. Not actually hates, but is a bit unsure of tagging anyone. However, we would like to invite any blogger who hasn't done this challenge yet to have a go. 

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  1. Aw, we love, love, love your eight photos of happiness, Athena and Mum. Great artwork, too! :)

  2. Lovely photos of happiness. The middle photo in the film strip is so sweet.

  3. I love your happy photos-I am glad you have a happy life Athena.

  4. That's awesome that you made montages of your 8 happy photos!

  5. We LOVE how you turned your 8 things into such beautiful art! Marvelous!

  6. The playing around gave excellent results ! Very creative !

  7. Pawsome happy photos art work !
    Happy CATurday :)


  8. Love the idea of "8 photos of happiness" and may have to give it a try soon ~ and yours are exceptionally pretty and certainly say "happy"!

  9. Athena your happy photos are wonderful! I think I will have to join in too!

  10. Very cute we like this idea for the 8 photos of happiness. You look very happy Athena :)

    1. We could not get the link code to work on our blog :/ But we linked back to you :)

  11. Whoa! I used that film strip for my Remembrance Day pics yesterday. Very cool.

  12. Well done and you have us smiling and happy!
    Happy Caturday.

  13. Your happy photos made US happy!! We're going to have to do that too!

    The Florida Furkids

  14. What a great way to do your 8 photos of happiness. We don't like tagging either and don't participate in those awards and challenges that do that. That said, we like the idea of 8 photos of happiness and plan to do a post about it.

  15. Pawsome montage! The one of you smelling the flower is cute. Really like the film strip effect too. Happy Happy Happy! =^,,^=

  16. Lovely collage or your photos of happiness ! Purrs

  17. I love how you did your 8 photos of happiness as collages...great idea!

  18. Really pretty!
    You are sooo talented.
    Have a great weekend....

    Noodle and crew

  19. clever way to incorporate them all.
    I am like you, I normally don't like "tagging" either.

  20. Well that was just super cute and so sweet.


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