Monday 10 February 2020

Mewsic Monday: Nightwish "Noise"

Happy Monday!

We weren't online yesterday because there was something up with Mum's computer and she just couldn't connect it to the Internet.

She took all day trying to fix it (I reminded her to nap in between). It looks like she's finally got it back up and running so here we are, just in time for Mewsic Moves Me Monday.

There's no theme for today's Mewsic Monday so Mum went with this:

"Noise" is the new single from Nightwish (Mum's fave band). The song and the video have a very important and powerful message and it's one of the best music videos Mum has ever seen in her opinion.

The song is a critique of modern society and how we've become brainwashed by social media (I know, we are all guilty of this) and how self-obsessed many humans have become. Everyone is staring down into their phones or taking selfies, ignoring what is really important.

Mum has had enough of social media. Facebook gets on her nerves and so she's rarely on it (only to check out our page). The only community that she loves is the pet and animal community and we love all the friends here on the pet blogosphere. You guys are all special to us  💚💜

She also doesn't go on Twitter as much and she's mostly there because she follows many animal rights causes and rescue charities.

We still like Instagram because we love seeing beautiful animal photos (especially cats!).


Crave the machine Revere the screen Zoom in for flak and misery Bleed some pixels Shoot yourself Pose for the dead Have a near-life experience In a hot air matrix Now you're a star Vain avatar Feeding the beast In your loud Egoland You have become Tool of a tool Digital ghouls Telling you to Shut up and dance! Color a yarn and the crowds will gather Noise From a sunless world Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back At a slave of brave new world Noise To decoy the human voice Brain insomniac, paranoiac Endless noise Please love me See how I bleed Please endure I have such empathy in me Hum, noise, hum Beautifully numb Tapping the quiet air To have a meaning By a carrion Sad hologram Lost in the maze The real and human feel Sunset is free From this deity The Earth has a real voice Go out and get in I will follow Color a yarn and the crowds will gather Noise From a sunless world Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back At a slave of brave new world Noise To decoy the human voice Brain insomniac, paranoiac Endless noise Feast your eyes on the black mirror Feed the beast, join the gathering Tell a tale Feast of fears is drawing nearer Beyond the human horizon Something terrifying sleeps Noise From a sunless world Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back At a slave of brave new world Noise To decoy the human voice Brain insomniac, paranoiac Endless noise

LYRICS - Tuomas Holopainen

Mum and I reacted to Noise on her YouTube Channel.

We are joining Curious as a Cathy for Mewsic Moves Me Monday and Comedy-Plus for Aww... Mondays

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Sandee said...

Awww, what a lovely post and you're most beautiful, Athena.

Love the video, but you're right it does make you think. I see it took Athena a long time to get up and turn around and lay back down. Precious.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Extra treat for Athena. ♥

Summer said...

I'm glad your human got the computer up and connected, Athena!

Brian's Home Blog said...

I'm glad the Mom got the computer fix, humans don't like those tech problems, nope. That was a good tune, interesting too and we enjoyed the reactions!

songbird's crazy world said...

Yeah, it’s hard without a computer, I’m glad the problem is fixed.

Catscue Catmom said...

Glad you have the tech fixed, thanks for sharing the music and I love the reactions. Albert Schweitzer sure knew his stuff!

XmasDolly said...

Well, I have to say it's quite different & I never heard the tunes you have posted. So yes Quite unique. Your "Nightwish" is quite different I must say! Very entertaining though. Have a great day & thanks for joining us here at Monday's Music Moves Me! Have a great musical week!!!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Marie & Athena,

I'm not on Facebook much anymore, either. Sometimes, I'll pop in to get updates on friends who I'm concerned about. Twitter, I use to promote other bloggers' posts mostly. Sometimes I'll share other things of interests which others may or may not like. It's really for those who wish to pass it on anyhow. There's a lot of drama connected to these platforms and it's best to try to stay out of the thick of that mess. It's very damning to the spirit for sure. Nightwish isn't my normal mewsic MO but I do appreciate their talent and it's nice sampling their new tunes. I think it's really cool that they are from Finland. One of my very first penpals is Finnish. She and I have corresponded off and on for more than 30 years I'd say. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with us this week and am glad to hear you got your computer woes under control. Have a boogietastic week, dearie!

Peachy, Stippie, Angel Binky and Granny said...

I think the storm has something to do with the Internet purroblems, Athena and Marie, at least that is what we hope the purroblem was😸 That was a great song, we didn't know the band, but Granny loves this kind of mewsic too, it reminds her of Gothic times. We also loved to see your mommy live and her comment on the song, and that we saw you on the bed too...most gorgeous of all😺Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday to the both of you🐾😽💞

pilch92 said...

Great post. I would like to just have a blog ad do without FB and Twitter, but I go on once in a while for that reason. Whenever I do, I feel bad either about abused animals or people showing off. XO

Alana said...

There is so much symbolism in that video (and I loved the symphonic aspect of this metal song, too) I would have to go through several listens just to understand. I am on social media mainly for my blog and also because I would never hear from several relatives if I didn't get their FB feeds.