Tuesday 1 October 2019

Couscous Wants a Forever Home!

Adopt Don't Shop!

Mum adopted me from Wood Green in 2011

Adopt a Cat

This is COUSCOUS! 

black cat
PHOTO: Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Handsome Couscous is a very affectionate cat and is so ready to find his forever family and settle down into a happy, warm and loving home. He enjoys receiving gentle strokes and has so much love to share. 

He is at the London centre (where I was when Mum found me!) View his profile here to find out more about him and how to adopt!


Nine Lives Greece

These two young lads are in Greece waiting for a forever home.

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PHOTO: The Skiathos Cats

HARRY from the Skiathos Cats also wants a home. 

From The Skiathos Cats website:
"The Skiathos Cat Welfare Association was formed by Sharon Hewing in 2007, although we are a registered charity we rely totally on donations via our website, Facebook, tourists, and various small scale fundraising events.

The purpose of our Association shall be to:-

  • Foster a general awareness throughout the local community on the plight of stray cats
  • Engage the local, national and international community on issues having to do with Cat welfare
  • Make partnerships with various organizations to further expand opportunities to improve the wellbeing of the local stray cat population
  • Raise funds and to invite and receive donations to facilitate the provision of food, medication and veterinary services including neutering for the stray cat population"

1-year-old Harry was found on the streets as a 6-week old kitten with his eye hanging out (poor boy 😿). The vet had to remove it but Harry has grown into a healthy and very beautiful cat who would love a home with outdoor space. Find out more about him here.

Watch Harry's video  


Overlooked cats in Britain

Sadly, there are so many overlooked cats urgently needing forever homes everywhere. Here is a list of UK rescue shelters and charities from the cat rescue resource CatChat.org, with details of harder to home senior cats, black cats, special needs cats, FIV+ cats and feral/farm cats. 

(PHOTO borrowed from CatChat.org)



All proceeds from A Forever Home For Athena will be donated to the following charities:

Wood Green The Animals Charity
Greek Cat Welfare Society
Cats Protection



More homeless pets looking for forever homes can be found on my Mum's Pinterest Pet Rescue board.
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. As a rescue kitty myself I want to help other rescues find their forever home, so each week on Charity Tuesday I share adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animals Charity (which is where I was rescued) and some other charities dear to our hearts. Mum and I are so grateful to Wood Green because without them we would never have found each other! Please note: We are here to help cats and give our time freely. We also ensure that to the best of our knowledge and research other lesser-known charities mentioned are legit.  

This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.


Eastside Cats said...

Those one-eyed brofurs would fit in around here purrfectly! Da Boyz would LURV to have playmates, only The Hubby would leave me...when I am retired, I plan to adopt more cats!

Summer said...

What cuties! I hope they all find homes soon.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

I admit that I never saw the beauty of black cats until I met Ellie. I didn't even know what I was missing! Couscous is adorable.

pilch92 said...

I hope these sweeties get forever homes soon. XO

meowmeowmans said...

Couscous, Harry and those brothers are beautiful. Thank you for your efforts to help them find their happily ever afters. We'll share! XO