Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Wordless Wednesday: #WorldAnimalDay

World Animal Day

World Animal Day takes place on October 4, which is the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. This annual celebration started in Italy in 1931 and is now a popular day in which we remember the important role that animals have to play in our world, as well as the people who devote their lives working to protect and care for them.

The purrfect celebration we say!

So, let's celebrate the love of animals and what an amazing difference they make to us all in our lives.


  1. Hi Athena & Marie! Thanks for sharing that infur-mation! Oh, there is a lil' statue of that St. Francis of Asasi in my kitchen. I remember overhearing Dad say that he was a patron Saint of anipals! The white kitty before me knocked the statue off the windowsill one time, but a little bit of glue put him back together. Mew Mew!

  2. Anybody who loves animals is aces in my book! Happy World Animal Day!

  3. I didn't know today was World Animal Day! We will definitely find a way to celebrate today.

  4. My human and I didn't know that the day originated from the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (we're pretty clueless about saints and feasts and such!). So that was good to know!

  5. Whoa! TW used to go to the church of St. Francis when she worked in NYC. She loved that church. Thank you for mentioning World Animal Day. I did too briefly.

  6. You are a perfect spokescat for World Animal Day, Athena! I love that photo. You look very interested in something. :) I hope that you enjoyed your day.


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