Friday, 6 October 2017

Catching Up on Instagram #FlashbackFriday

We haven't been very active on Instagram this past week (or blogging much). It's been pretty chaotic around here regarding all the house stuff going on and also Mum had to look after Granny after her eye surgery.

Certainly, a lot of stress going on but I was there with my healing purrs and crazy antics as usual.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Great Instas, Athena! You look beautiful, as always. We sure hope Granny's eye is healing well, and without any issues. Happy weekend to you all!

  2. Those sure are pictures of a true goddess! Wink winks (blowing whistles). I'm sorry it has been a stressful time for you & your family. I cross my paws that the surgery was a success for your grammy. Hugs & loves.

  3. That first picture is one of our very favorite pictures of you, Athena. We're sending love to you and your Mum. We hope everything feels less rushed and crazy soon.

  4. Hope your Granny's surgery went well, Athena, and that your calming purrs were helpful to all!

  5. Glad you're there with your healing purrs! Hope you and your mum and granny have a nice weekend.

  6. Lovely IG portraits this week... especially the lsat one.

  7. I hope your Granny is feeling better.XO


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