Wednesday 28 June 2017

Real Hamsters Don't Bite #BookReview

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Mum read me this great story Real Hamsters Don't Bite: Mighty and Brennon Run Away to Find Cat Land and Unzip the Truth* by Alexis Cleoford.

We received a free digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

About the book

From Amazon:

"All is not what it seems… Mighty is stuck in an elegant waiting room which he calls a dungeon even though he gets plenty of fresh water and food. When Mighty’s parents pick him and his brother up, Mighty decides that he will find a place where cats are treated like kings. One day clumps of yellow goo start falling from the sky, and cats are attacked by small rodents. No one knows why the rodents are attacking cats. The two feline brothers see their dream destination on TV and want to have fun there. The attacks and mysterious yellow goop falling from the sky give the two feline brothers another incentive to flee to their dream land. On the way to Cat Land, Mighty and Brennon meet a cat who acts like a human. They fight a naughty cat and also encounter black and white grazing animals which look like aliens to Mighty. They rescue a group of cats from an attack as well. Mighty finally captures a perpetrator and discovers that his secret is only fur deep. Mighty uses this secret to trick others into thinking that he and Brennon are dogs, for a good cause. Despite all the obstacles Mighty and Brennon overcome, nothing could have prepared them for what they experience in their dream land. The brothers’ parents get a phone call to pick their cats up, and the two felines receive the worst punishment that a cat can get for running away: a bath. Not all is dreary as Mighty and Brennon help put a stop to the attacks. They also have a shot at getting to another dream destination."

What did I think?

I loved this story about these adventurous kitties and I could tell that Mum enjoyed reading it to me too.

The story begins when Mighty and his "co-cat" Brennon are taken to a pet hotel and cannot believe how their owners could do that to them. They are so upset and know they can never forgive their owners for dumping them like that. As a cat once taken to a pet hotel myself, I know how awful it feels. It makes you deeply sad and depressed and all you can think of is how could your humans abandon you like that? Panic sets in and you wonder if you will ever see your family or home again.

After this horrible experience, Mighty and Brennon do get to go back home with their parents and it seems maybe they weren't abandoned after all, but they cannot help wanting to get back at them so they decide to run away. By running away, they are hoping to find Cat Land, where they believe to find cat paradise where they will be treated with the respect they deserve. But along the way, there are quite a few surprises in store and some life lessons to learn.

This is a thoroughly engaging read and enjoyable for all ages. Children will love it and younger ones will love having it read to them. Both Mum and I thought it was really interesting how the author describes cat life from the cat's point of view. There were also some fabulous descriptions. We also thought it's great how some educational stuff about cats is slipped into the tale here and there. Children learn by reading, and this is a fantastic way of teaching them important facts about felines.

On the whole, this was a great read and we would both highly recommend it for any animal or cat lover, both young and old 😻

Real Hamsters Don't Bite is available from Amazon. You can also read Book 3 for FREE and receive a free PDF of “Mighty’s 22 Tips for Life”  by emailing the author at and write “free Book and PDF” in the subject line

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Valentine said...

That sounds like a very cute and adventurous tale! I'll tell Mom that I think she needs to read it to me. In fact, I'm all curled up in her lap, so maybe I can get her to read it to me now! Tee hee hee! Thanks for sharing your review, Athena!

Eastside Cats said...

Am curious as heck to know what that yellow goop is!

pilch92 said...

Great review, that is a cute story.

Summer said...

This sounds like a fun book!