Tuesday 12 April 2016

Adopt a Cat #charitytuesday

As a rescue kitty I want to help other rescue cats get rehomed, so we are continuing our new weekly feature for Charity Tuesday, sharing adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animal Charity (which is where I was rescued). We are so grateful to this amazing charity because without them we wouldn't be together! It's also one of the main charities we support.

MISTY (photo: Wood Green)
Misty is an independent, friendly young cat. She would prefer a quiet home where she can be the centre of attention. She does enjoy fuss but on her terms! Misty loves to come and go as she pleases so she can explore the outside world. She loves to chase string, play fetch with toy balls, and chase sweet wrappers around the floor. Visit her profile page HERE

PEBBLES (photo: Wood Green)
Pebbles is a sweet little cat but says she is finding the cattery life a little bit stressful at the moment. Once she gets to know you she does like a fuss, and once her confidence grows she will like to go outside for the odd spot of hunting. If you think you can offer her a forever home, find out more about her HERE

TESS (photo: Wood Green)

Beautiful Tess is looking for a quiet and understanding home. She loves catnip, tasty food, being groomed and having lots of cuddles on your lap! Poor Tess has had a tough time recently and really deserves some much needed TLC. If you would like to know more about this sweet girl then visit her profile.

For more cats waiting to be rehomed at Wood Green click HERE 


All proceeds from this bag and book will be donated to animals in need.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the charity mentioned in this post in any way. We just want to help spread the word for animals in need.


Summer said...

What lovely faces!

pilch92 said...

I hope these cuties get forever homes soon.