Tuesday 15 December 2015

#CharityTuesday: Adopt a Cat

Today is Charity Tuesday, and as always we are doing our bit to help cats in need. Here are three lovely cats at Wood Green the Animal Charity (where I was rescued), awaiting their forever home.

ROSE (photo: Wood Green)
This pretty girl is Rose who came to Wood Green Heydon centre with her friend Clover. Rose is 6 years old, very affectionate and adores fuss and attention. She would prefer a quiet home with older children where she can relax as she is not too fond of loud noises. A garden to explore would be nice too. To find out more about her click HERE  

MIFFY (photo: Wood Green)

This pretty girl is Miffy, who is 15 but looks so much younger! She would love a quiet home to spend her twilight years. Miffy is a very homely cat who never wanders any further than the garden and she loves a fuss. She enjoys siting beside you on the sofa to be stroked. Click HERE to find out more about her.

MAVIS (photo: Wood Green)
Stunning Bengal Mavis is at the Godmanchester centre and is looking for a new home with owners that understand the needs of her beautiful breed. 8 year old Mavis really likes to play and prefers the company of humans over any other species. She would also prefer a new home with a quiet garden where she doesn't have to share her territory. If you would like to know more about her please click HERE 


All proceeds from this bag and book will be donated to animals in need.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the charity mentioned in this post in any way. We just want to help spread the word for animals in need.


Summer said...

What sweet faces!

Sasha said...

we hope they all go to good homes