Saturday, 19 September 2015

Caturday Art

Happy Caturday!

Welcome to another Caturday Art. Mum has been busy playing with more effects in Photoshop Elements 13 again. Yeah, she upgraded from 11 and has been busy getting me to pose for more photos so she can turn them into works of art. Not that I mind. At least our photo shoots only take a few minutes and then I can get back to napping. I prefer it when Mum joins me but she is human (she wishes she wasn't) and has to get on with boring human things.

This week's photo is also available in sepia, which you can see on Mum's other blog, but here it is all "arty". Is that the word for it? We've noticed that our US friends say "artsy" but it seems we Brits say "arty". 

Back to the photo. One of these days I shall remind Mum to take down notes on how she achieves the art she creates digitally. But she is one of those mad creative types that once they get the urge to create, can't be bothered to stop and engage the writing brain (unless of course she is writing a book, which she hasn't done for a while and I doubt she will again for a long time). I could take down notes I suppose. But normally I am at her side sleeping (the tapping and clicking of the computer keys do have the tendancy to send me to sleep).

Before I go, scroll down to have a look at my new Christmas card below. It's just become available at my Zazzle store.

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  1. That came out great. Good idea to write down what you did. I love the Christmas card too- so cute :)

  2. That did come out really well - your human needs to buckle down and take notes on her processes one of these days!

  3. However Mum Marie created this "arty" image, she did a terrific job. We REALLY like it. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she had a gorgeous subject.Hope to see you for Selfies tomorrow. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! Have an awesome Caturday, Athena & Marie!

  5. Great result ! Your mum has to buy a frame and can put it on the wall !

  6. Your mum is getting very good, Athena!! We're still using Elements 11 and haven't even worked that out properly yet! MOL

  7. We Wuv this look. Yeah we say Artsy in the states but we have a Uncle named Arty ;)

    Mom still can't get the blog hop link to pull up to put in our post. Tells her to sign in but when she does nothing is there to copy and put in our post?

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

    1. So sorry you are having problems. I think I shall have to start adding the code in my post.

  8. Hi Athena !
    Looking good as alway´s !
    Me too wish my humans was more like us cat´s :)
    My hopeles Mom-person have been busy with , one compooter crash , holiday with her friend , internet problem and work *sigh*

    Happy CATurday !


  9. I love the art and would love to know how you did it! Also love the Christmas card! Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day! Arrrggggg!

  10. We love those pools in your eyes. Very nice art, even if making it is a secret. :) Jan plays with pictures and can't remember what she did either.

  11. Athena you get prettier and prettier in every photo.
    Great art!

  12. Beautiful, Athena! We'll have to get our dad to upgrade to PS Elements 13, too.

    Thanks for hosting this awesome hop, and hugs to you and Mum!

  13. This is awesome! I love this "artsy" effect. The lady is hopeless at Photoshop and has an old version. She enjoys learning it, though.

    Your Christmas card is lovely!

  14. We got to enter this great hop after such a long time away. Hoping we can get the Dad to keep this up because, of course, all pets look meovelous as art!
    Timmy and Crew

  15. Yous lookin' very bootyful.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  16. Your artwork are card are beautiful...I'm SO happy that Christmas is coming!

  17. That pic looks great! Happy Caturday.

  18. You look fabulous in that piece. - I like it a lot.

  19. So creative, mew did a pawesome job and we love it!


    Basil & Co xox


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