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Review: Wentworth Wooden Puzzles Cat Jigsaw

Wentworth Woooden Puzzle

We were recently asked if we'd like to review a Wentworth Wooden Puzzle. We were given the opportunity to choose which one we would like out of some pawsome cat-themed ones. Mum, being a lover of all things autumn, immediately fell in love with the one I'm sniffing out in the photo above: Halloween With Lesley's Cats. 

I agreed that this was the one to review, as though it's the end of summer, Halloween will soon be upon us. And just look at the image, it's simply stunning.

Wentworth Wooden Puzzle

A woody smell greeted Mum upon opening the delightful box. Then inside there was this sweet draw-string bag. She opened it carefully to reveal some 250 truly unique puzzle pieces. They are really lovely, though Mum said she was concerned that they are a bit small, and she didn't want me getting my paws on them in case I was a silly cat and swallowed any. Mum, I am cleverer than that! And also, she didn't want any peices going missing. Well, I'm not one of those clepto cats, so no worries there, Mum!

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are finely cut using state of the art lasers to create a premium quality jigsaw that will be a treasured gift. All puzzles range from 50 to 1,500 pieces, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced puzzler, there is something for you. We were sent the one with 250 pieces (dimensions 360 x 250mm) which costs £27.95 (a bit expensive, yes, but the quality is superb and made to last years). 

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are unique

What is really unique about Wentworth are their whimsy jigsaw pieces. If you don't know, whimsies were specially shaped pieces cut into puzzles on a whim by Victorian hand cutters to reflect the theme of the jigsaw. Wentworth are one of the only companies still producing these unique puzzles

Another thing that Mum really likes about the Wentworth wooden puzzle is that it is manufactured using wood from forests managed on a sustainable yield basis and the box itself is made from recycled materials. This is super great because caring for the environment is very important!

I'm afraid Mum hasn't completed the puzzle yet. Her excuse, well she's busy and has to find the time. But let me just say that she is not known for her patience (she doesn't mind me being honest with you). Ok, she admits that puzzles aren't really her thing. But nonetheless, she is delighted with this product and is certain it would make an ideal gift for any cat lover. And even though it's a Halloween-themed puzzle, we are sure any cat lover will enjoy and treasure this gift all year round. It could also make an excellent Christmas present. 

Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw

About Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company.
Since 1984, The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company has been producing their unique brand of wooden jigsaws. No matter what your age or experience, they have a jigsaw for everyone. The puzzles could also make ieal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion. They also offer a personalised puzzle service, where you can transform photos, paintings or drawings into your own custom-made jigsaws.


Disclaimer: We received a free jigsaw puzzle in exchange for review but all words and opinions expressed are our own. Full disclosure.


  1. This puzzle looks really cool! My human used to love jigsaw puzzles, but with us kitties around, she hasn't done any in years.

  2. It's been years since there has been a jigsaw puzzle in the house! In fact I don't think I've ever seen one!

  3. That looks like such a great puzzle. Those whimsy pieces are neat -- we've never seen any like that before!

  4. That is very cool - I didn't know people did that. My pawrents have not done a puzzle in a while. I think they are going to get one tonight!

  5. That looks like a great puzzle ! Purrs

  6. That looks like a really fun puzzle! I haven't done a puzzle in a long time, but that is because a certain two cats like to take off with the pieces. I hope that you and your mum have a great time doing this puzzle together.

  7. your Mum and I have a lot in common, while that looks like a lovely puzzle, I would have ZERO patience to put it together

  8. That looks like fun. I haven't done a puzzle in ages because I get to much help from the kitties.

  9. Oh my gosh, mom really likes that puzzle. My birthday is in October (Halloween month), I'm a black cat, and mom likes puzzles. And those shapes are really interesting.

    1. I just went to their site. It would be around $60 to have that one sent to the U.S. Hmmmm, tempting, but a little pricey.

    2. Yes, I know, they are expensive. I checked and the puzzles are available there. I couldn't find this particular puzzle though. They do however have other lovely cat-themed ones.

  10. I'm with Summer! I love puzzles but the ORANGE cat in my life loves them also and wants to help me!!

  11. You chose very wisely. I love Halloween and Cats so that would have been one I would have picked out too and I like the fun shapes.

  12. That's look like a puzzle :0
    Like that :)

  13. This would make a great Halloween gift for children! I haven't made a puzzle in years, but I'm sure my cat would also love to help me :)

  14. WOW that is so cool!!! I definitely would have chosen a Halloween-themed (or Christmas) one!

  15. That is soooooo neat! I will have to look into one as a Christmas Gift for my Sister-in-law, she is a puzzle fanatic!


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