Thursday 3 July 2014

Guest Post: Domestic Cat Breeds That Look Like Wildcats

Today we have a guest post for you, all about cats that look like wildcats (and I think I may fit that category a little bit, even though I am a tabby as Mum says I look as if I may have some Bengal cat in me.) 

Domestic Cat Breeds that Look Like Wildcats
Now while the idea of having a tiger, cheetah or any other wildcat at home may be rather awesome, getting your hands one as a pet will prove mighty dangerous. So why not snuggle with a housecat with wildcat looks instead?

Here are some felines beauties with wildcat looks and domestic roots!

#1: Chausie

Regarded by a lot of avid cat fanciers as having the overall appearance of a scaled down cougar, the Chausie is definitely a breed you need to check out if you're zeroing in on a domestic feline that looks like a wildcat.

Now while the Chausie is a known household breed these days, it actually has the blood of a wildcat running in its veins. This pint-sized cougar was developed by pairing a domestic cat with a Jungle Cat (Felis chaus).

Apart from coming in three striking colors, particularly silver-tipped black, solid black and brown-ticked tabby, the Chausie also flaunts a muscular body that's quite graceful.

#2: Ocicat

You'd ever expect that the Ocicat traces back it roots from domestic breeds with its uniquely exotic look.

Sure the breed may have been developed from outcrossing the American Shorthair, Siamese and Abyssinian, its Ocelot-like appearance made it one of the most popular "wildcat-looking" felines in the fancy.

The Ocicat's coat commonly comes in fawn, lavender, blue, cinnamon, chocolate and tawny. There are also cats of this breed that have silver-tipped coats.

3: Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau has the appearance of the cats displayed in ancient murals exhibited in pyramids and similar sacred places. Apart from having the distinction of being the only naturally-spotted domestic breed of cat in the world, its long, muscular legs give it the look of being constantly on the verge of jumping or pouncing.

Interestingly, the Egyptian Mau is believed to have descended from kittens that resulted from the mating of African Wild Cats and domestic felines at least 4,000 years ago. Just in case you're wondering, "mau" is the Egyptian word for "cat" in their native tongue.

#4: Toyger

The Toyger is basically a miniature version of the tiger. Aside from flaunting the same prominent stripes, this cat's slightly cobby body also closely resembles that of its enormous jungle cousin.

Developed by outcrossing a standard Bengal tabby with a striped domestic shorthair, the Toyger is known as a moderately active breed that isn't as vocal compared to other felines. Now while it won't pass up a chance to play with its human companions, it isn't that demanding for attention as well.

The stripes on the Toyger's legs are so pronounced that they already look like thick bangles.

#5: Savannah

The Savannah is a cat you'd expect to come across the wild African plains instead of engaging you in a game of fetch or tag at home.

The result of the pairing of the large-eared Serval and a domestic feline, this cat is not just known for its gracefully lithe body, but also for its superb leaping abilities. Remarkably, the Savannah can easily launch itself into the air up to 8 feet!

Make sure you check with your local wildlife office before getting your hands on a Savannah though. Now while it is categorized by most states as a domestic breed, some still consider it as an actual wildcat because of its Serval lineage.

#6: Pixiebob

The resemblance between the Pixiebob and its feral North American Bobcat cousin is simply uncanny. Aside from the pointy ears that are lined here and there with tufts of hair, the coat markings are also quite identical.

The Pixiebob is the brainchild of Carol Ann Brewer, a cat breeder who fell in love with a "Legend Cat" that she came across while poring over the local paper. Brewer loved the male kitten so much that she adopted it and bred it with a neighbor's female Legend Cat when it became of age.

The pairing subsequently produced a kitten named Pixie, which eventually became the foundation cat for the breed.

#7: Bengal

With its noticeable rosettes and roses on its coat, chest and legs, the Bengal looks more wild than domestic at first glance. Developed using a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal also has the overall agile appearance that makes it look like it's ready to jump or pounce at any moment.

What's really interesting about the Bengal is that it has a fondness for water and won't hesitate to take a dip in the kitchen sink or join its guardians in the shower.

The above 7 are beautiful examples of domestic cats with wildcat looks, but they’re not the whole list – check out all the domestic cats with wildcat looks like HERE

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meowmeowmans said...

Interesting stuff! We've seen a few of these breeds (Ocicat,Bengal, Mau and Savannah) in person, and they really do remind us of wild cats.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

interesting post but they should have sent you photos to include

Sparkle said...

I'm a Somali cat and I think I look like a mountain lion... only with a fluffy tail! Although with my tail and ticked fur, I have also been accused of looking like a squirrel. I prefer mountain lion.

Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

They sound like cool cats. I love Savannahs!

Julie Richards said...

This is extremely interesting. I just wish that there are pictures to see its appearances.I really wonder what a TOYGER looks like. This is very cool stuff though.