Friday 27 June 2014

Guest Post: How I Saved My Cat Sylvester When 05-Months Of Vet Drugs Failed!

Today we have a guest post by Joseph A Laydon Jr.

How I Saved My Cat Sylvester When 05-Months Of Vet Drugs Failed!

My name is Joseph A. Laydon Jr. and I care for almost 100 critters every day. I have about 60 koi fish and a few dozen cats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, birds and turtles that live on my property.

Around New Years of 2012, my cat Sylvester was diagnosed with auto-immune disease where his four paws were swollen-up, he ran a fever 24-hours a day, his entire underside was bald, he lost most of his weight and he was in great non-stop pain. After 05-months of expensive vet drugs, I took matters into my own hands. 

In early June of 2013, through my own "intensive research," I found a human supplement that I watered down and gave daily doses to Sylvester. Within a week I could see improvements. By the end of June, his four paws were almost normal, his fever was gone, he had fuzz fur where he was bald, he was gaining weight, and his pain was gone. By the end of August 2013, Sylvester was back to his ornery self picking fights with the other cats. 

I’ll tell you all the details – “How I Saved My Cat Sylvester, When 05 - Months Of Vet Drugs Failed!” (E-Book or Paperback at )

This is a sponsored post. Full disclosure

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