Monday, 28 January 2013

I can never get any peace around here!

 There I was settling down for a nap on the sofa...

 When suddenly I heard a great big noise outside...

 I looked at my mum and asked what's that noise?

 She was angry at the noise too because she had been reading but then she turned to me and said it was nothing and everything would  be alright.

So, I decided if Mummy said there was nothing to be scared of I might as well try to get back to taking that nap!


  1. Awwwww mum will protect you lovely Athena, don't you worry now!! Enjoy your nap! take care

  2. Big noises are scary. I am glad that you Mom was there to protect you.


  3. Mommy will protect you! I wonder what it was?

  4. We're glad that the noise was nothing and you could go back to your nap, Athena.

  5. Oh honey don't you worry your dear self. Your mom will protect you.


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