Sunday 23 May 2021

Sunday Selfie On A Silver Grey Cushion

Happy Sunday 😻

tabby cat

Here I am after Mum got up from the sofa. It's weirdly cold for this time of the year and I like the fact that Mum keeps this spot warm for me. I like this comfy cushion too.

Because Mum feels overwhelmed at the moment with so much going on and all the worries and problems we are only going to be posting at weekends now.

Don't worry though - you can still follow us on Social Media.

Friendly Fill-Ins 

Time for the fill-ins, sponsored by,Four-Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing

1. Lately, I’ve been __________________________.
2. I find ___________________ fascinating.
3. If I had known _________, I would have _________.
4.  I can’t help but _________ when I’m nervous.

1. Lately, I've been extremely anxious. I can't stop fearing the worst. I've always been anxious and depressed, but I seem to be getting worse as I get older.
2. I find cats fascinating.
3. If I had known how my life would turn out, I would have done things differently. I wouldn't have been such a dreamer for a start, wasting time on unreachable dreams like wanting to be a successful singer or/and author. My only dream now is to help animals. Sometimes I feel like I am a failure there too.
4. I can't help but panic and shake when I'm nervous.

1. Lately, I've been worried about Mum. She's more worried than usual.
2. I find birdies fascinating. 
3. If I had known how good my life would turn out I wouldn't have been so scared as a kitten being left out in the street.
4. I can't help but panic when I'm nervous. 

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pilch92 said...

Beautiful selfie. I will miss your weekday posts, but I understand the need to take a break. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers except I am sorry you are so sad right now. You always help animals and I say you are a success with that. And I love your writing, you just need to find a way to market it which I wish I knew how to do. XO

Brian's Home Blog said...

You look beautiful sweet Athena! We all send hugs to your Mum and we hope all is more than okay soon.

Summer said...

Nice selfie, Athena. I hope your human feels better soon. I hope taking a break helps.

Eastside Cats said...

Here's hoping that Springtime will ease some nervousness!

meowmeowmans said...

You look so beautiful, Athena. We send loving purrs for your mum. Things are very difficult these days, and we are glad she is trying to do some self care. XO