Tuesday 29 October 2019

Cat Day Adopt Don't Shop #CharityTuesday

Adopt Don't Shop!

So it's Tuesday so that means it's Charity Tuesday for us on this blog. Every Tuesday we try to help cats get adopted!

But we heard it's Cat Day too. Well, you know our thoughts on that - EVERY DAY IS CAT DAY 😻

tabby cat
Athena was adopted from Wood Green


From our favourite charity, Wood Green, The Animals Charity we have Misty. 
Watch her video below or on YouTube 

First, here is some info on this lovely lady, taken from the Wood Green website.

"Misty has been with us a little while and is looking for her forever home. Our lovely girl has been doing really well and losing weight at a good pace however she is unable to lose all the weight she needs to in our cattery environment. Misty enjoys all the home comforts in life and enjoys relaxing in her bed and playing with feathers when she pleases." 
If you are interested in rehoming Misty check out her profile here.

And from Cyprus Pride House, here is Sweet Amaira. 

A friendly and affectionate girl who loves to play. 

Watch her video below or on YouTube 

More info at www.cypruspridehouse.org

Also, check out Ermis at Nine Live Greece. He needs a home ASAP!

View this post on Instagram

Ermis is the sweetest of cats. He is a living example of how animals respond to cruelty with kindness, to neglect with trust, to abuse with unconditional love. The moment he was moved to a safe place he showed his gratitude to his rescuers. He is gentle, kind, and asks for cuddles all day long. We only have 1 month to find him a home. Please help us! ———- Ο Ερμής είναι ο πιο γλυκός γατούλης. Είναι το ζωντανό παράδειγμα του πώς τα ζώα απαντούν με ευγένια στη βία, με εμπιστοσύνη απέναντι στην παραμέληση, με αγάπη άνευ όρων κόντρα στην κακοποίηση. Από τη στιγμή που βρέθηκε σε ασφαλές μέρος δεν σταματα να δείχνει την ευγνωμοσύνη του. Είναι ευγενικος, ήρεμος και ζητά χάδια όλη μέσα. Έχουμε 1 μήνα να του βρούμε σπιτάκι. Βοηθήστε μας! ———— #παμεσπιτι #εφταψυχες #ninelivesgreece #straycats #abusedcat #greekcats #adoptme #adoptdontshop #tuxedocat #sos #urgent #catrescue #saveastray #athenscats #saveagreekstray #animalrescue #catlove #instacats #catsagram #katzen #gato
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All proceeds from A Forever Home For Athena will be donated to the following charities:

Wood Green The Animals Charity
Greek Cat Welfare Society
Cats Protection



More homeless pets looking for forever homes can be found on my Mum's Pinterest Pet Rescue board.
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. As a rescue kitty myself I want to help other rescues find their forever home, so each week on Charity Tuesday I share adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animals Charity (which is where I was rescued) and some other charities dear to our hearts. Mum and I are so grateful to Wood Green because without them we would never have found each other! Please note: We are here to help cats and give our time freely. We also ensure that to the best of our knowledge and research other lesser-known charities mentioned are legit.  

This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.



pilch92 said...

Such beauties. I hope they all get forever homes soon.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

Athena, you are a great [unofficial] spokescat for Wood Green!

Summer said...

What lovely kitties - I hope they find homes soon.