Wednesday 5 December 2018

Christmas Safety Tips for Cats

Christmas Safety Tips for Cats

A quick post from Mum to point out some safety tips to keep your furballs safe during Christmas and the Silly Season. It can be a hazardous time for cats so please be extra careful to prevent any harm to your cat!

CHRISTMAS TREE Cats will want to climb it - no doubt about that. Athena is a climber so we don't have a Christmas tree at all. I'd rather be safe than sorry. We're a household with no children so I don't feel we need one anyway.

If you are going to get a real tree, please be aware that they can be toxic. This is because your cat might ingest some of it - oils produced from real Christmas trees can be poisonous. Also, fallen pine needles can be ingested causing harm to your cat internally. And then there's the fertilisers and plant food if it is potted, these can cause many irritations, internally and externally.

Also, remember to ensure your tree has a sturdy base or secure it in some way to avoid it toppling over. Don’t place any presents for your cat under the tree, (catnip will entice them further). Always supervise your cat if it's anywhere near the tree and make sure to remove the cat from the room and close the door behind you to keep nosy kitty out.

DECORATIONS that are really dangly should be displayed closer to the top of the tree. All cats, especially curious kittens, will be attracted by the twinkling decorations and baubles, etc. TINSEL and other decorations can be dangerous if they are swallowed.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS can be extremely dangerous to cats and should be used safely. Ensure that you cover any wires leading to the tree by using plastic or cardboard tubes, and also switch your Christmas lights off at the mains when you’re not home and at night.

PLANTS like poinsettia and berries found in holly and mistletoe are poisonous to cats, so keep them out of reach. Remember that LILIES are very dangerous to cats. Even brushing against them can cause harm. So AVOID, please.


FESTIVE FOODS  – chocolate and raisins to onions and garlic are poisonous to cats.

STRESS Cats can feel stressed and anxious at Christmas time. Not surprising really, as there are some many unfamiliar people coming and going and lots of noise, etc, must be quite terrifying for some cats (for me too!) Provide a quiet hiding place for your cat so they can escape the sensory overload. Keep some food, water and a litter tray in the room where you will keep your cat make sure it is out of bounds for humans, especially curious little humans!

I was sceptical at first to use a Feliway pheromone diffuser to help calm Athena (especially during our recent house move), but I believe it does work. This is my experience anyway. I know it's far too expensive but Amazon currently has it on for $15.99 (normal price $45.80)

So there you are. Hope you all have a safe and fun Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Wise tips from an undoubtedly wise kitty! Winky winks. -Valentine (& Mom Kerry) of Noir Kitty Mews

Eastside Cats said...

The Hubby has never wanted a tree in the house, even before we had cats! Something about the house being really old, and would go up in flames easily. He's a spoilsport, but I string twinkle lights around for some festivity.

Summer said...

We aren't decorating this year, but when we do, my human is very careful to make sure all of it is safe for us. One year, her boyfriend brought home some real mistletoe, and it was banished in favor of a fake sprig!

pilch92 said...

Excellent tips. We have an artificial tree. I did a week long test with Trouble to be sure she wouldn't climb it before I finally decorated it. All the ornaments are unbreakable.XO

meowmeowmans said...

Great tips, Athena and Mum. Ava was pretty curious about the middle of the artificial tree. So we wrapped a whole bunch of empty boxes as gifts, and placed them under the tree so that she cannot get to the middle. It's all fine now. :)

The Swiss Cats said...

Great tips ! Claire makes always sure that our tree is 100% cat safe. Purrs

Katie Isabella said...

I think your tips are spot on. And Meowmeowmans also had a good tip for everyone about keeping the cats from the middle of the tree by putting boxes there around the tree.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

We love this! So many people don't realize the dangers for cats. I'm sharing this on one of our Pinterest boards!