Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Sun Puddles on Vegan Day

Here I am enjoying a sun puddle on the window sill of Mum's bedroom. It's been a bit cold lately and in the afternoon I like to warm myself at the window if it's a sunny day.

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Today is World Vegan Day. My mum is vegan but I am not and she would never force it on me. Cats are carnivores and need meat. End of. Read one of Mum's older posts about why cats can never be vegan here and more about veganism here.

Whilst I can never eat what my mum eats because it is unhealthy for cats to do so, to me plant food doesn't look very tasty and my body does not crave it (though I love my kitty grass!)However, I can fully appreciate that for my human it is a much healthier option for her

As soon as she gave up meat and dairy she felt lighter and healthier. It also helped her lose some weight. As a chocoholic, she doesn't have to stop eating chocolate as she buys vegan alternatives such as   Moo Free Organic Original Single Mini Moo Chocolate Bar 20 g (Pack of 15). Yes, vegan diets can be fattening too if you eat the wrong things like chocolate and other unhealthy fattening stuff.

Anyway, as you can see. Mum doesn't have to miss out on any of what she enjoys to eat (she says she never enjoyed eating meat) and does not only eat tofu, a carrot stick and a piece of lettuce as some people wrongly presume vegans eat.

If you're interested in a vegan diet for the sake of the animals, the planet, and your health, then visit The Vegan Society for more info on going vegan (humans only).


  1. I like some veggies, actually! And cantaloupe. But nothing beats meat! Yum. I'm hungry now.

  2. My assistant is a vegetarian and 99% vegan (sometimes she still breaks down and has a piece of pizza). Thanks for the vegan chocolate suggestions. She's never tried any of those before

  3. The Hubby and I are vegan. I didn't know about World Vegan Day!

  4. There should be a statue in Rome of you, Goddess. Mew Mew! My human doesn't think she could do the vegan diet, 'cause she'd miss beef burgies & steaks. I bet your human is healthier though & may live longer than most humans, too with her diet. Hugs!

  5. You look wonderful in the sun puddle! I wish I had one today...It is chilly and cloudy and they are predicting showers which might change into snow!


  6. You are glorious looking and your momma is very loving to let you have what you need to live. xoxo

  7. I admire your mum for being a vegan. I try not to eat much meat, but I love cheese and need milk in my coffee. XO

  8. I ackshually like some veggies (and BREAD!) But I luv meat too!

  9. You sure do look comfy in that sunshine, Athena! We'll have to try that vegan chocolate.

  10. You do look happy in the sun and pretty too. Our peeps aren't vegan but they hardly ever eat meat stuff.

  11. You look lovely in your sun puddle. It has been sunny here for the last two days, at last!


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