Friday, 10 November 2017

#FlashbackFriday Instagram Shots from This Week

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Sorry for Mum's squeaky baby voice in this one. Yeah, this is how she talks to me! Her voice isn't really that high :) For my international readers that don't understand the Cockney accent, here is what she is saying, "Athena... It's time for a nap, innit? (isn't it). Looking forward to your nap? It's time for a nap, innit?"
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  1. We don't believe you could be naughty, Athena! Then again, his looks get Bear out of all kinds of trouble around here ;)

  2. Athena, was she serious? I mean, you were already napping when she started asking you if it 'was time'...silly human!

    1. I meant if it was time for a nap with me, her mummy, upstairs. Normally, we take a nap together in the afternoon :)


  3. I loved your IG photos today... especially the cute video.


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