Tuesday 23 May 2017

May Purrfect Box #Review

The lovely team at Purrfect Box sent us a box for free so we could tell you all about it! However, opinions are our own and we would never recommend a product we don't approve of.

Over to Athena:

Look how excited I am at receiving another free Purrfect Box of goodies! You may remember that I got the chance to test out one of their fantastic subscription boxes last year. 

And you could be super excited too if you get your human to place an order at Purrfect Box and tell them to quote the promo code here for a £5 Discount off your first box!

purrfect box

What's Purrfect Box?

Purrfect Box is a monthly arrangement of 5 to 6 specially selected goodies for your cat, recently developed by a team of passionate pet lovers.

What's included in the box?

6 products suited to your cat's profile, chosen by the Purrfect Box team and delivered to your doorstep once a month. You will receive amazing stuff like tasty treats, fun toys and accessories, plus all important hygiene products.


More than £40 worth of amazing specially selected products for your kitty for under £20. Sounds great to me! 

I am also happy to see that Purrfect Box donate to some pawsome animal charities too, which makes them even more purrfect in my opinion 😺

Here is a video of what I found inside my box.


Cat Treats from Flamingo Miniz. These tasty little treats are the purrfect reward for your kitty. They are fish flavoured, and I am not a kitty who likes fish. But I did taste them a bit. What's nice about them is their soft texture.
Flamingo Miniz Cat Treats

Trixie Treat Stick Quintett I preferred these treats because they are chicken flavour (my fave) and have a high meat content. Purrfect for us carnivores!
Trixie cat treats

Here I am taking a bite. Delicious! 

Please Mum, Can I have some more?

Trixie Litter Mat Mum likes this mat and says it's great for picking up all the litter that I kick about as I do my toilet business. She is getting so fed up with having to sweep up after me, especially now as she has to keep the house extra clean for the viewers we are getting for the house sale because we are planning to move soon.
Trixie Litter Mat

Spider Toy with Catnip Cute little thing, isn't he? I've given him the name Mr Purply Spidy Catnip. Mum thinks he will come in useful for helping her cure her spider phobia. I told her to just picture spiders looking funny like him and not black and scary hairy. That should soon do the trick! Though I really don't understand why she's so terrified of them. I think they're great and I love to chase them.

catnip toy

UFO Toy Looks like a kiddy toy. Not sure what cats are supposed to do with it. You can see in my video that I am a bit confused. I tried to pull the ball out and got my claw stuck so, in the end, I just swung it off the table, which made Mum LOL 😻
UFO cat toy

Ball and feather toy This is cool. The feather is attached to this rather nice ball.  It's a great little toy to distract and entertain an indoor cat like me. I do have quite a lot of balls and feather toys.

And of course, the box was amazing too and I loved the paw print tissue paper. Mum made a ball out of it and we played around with it a bit. She threw it around the room and I chased it. It was really fun!




🐶For doggies, there is a special box for you too at Pawsome Box UK 


Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

That UFO toy looks really cool. Bear isn't entertained by things like that though. I wonder if you could put treats in there and make that the "game?" So much fun stuff to enjoy!

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Yes, sounds like a good idea!

Eastside Cats said...

Geez, even the box is a cat toy! Great stuff!

Summer said...

That looks like an awesome box this month! Boodie would like the UFO toy.

pilch92 said...

Lucky Athena, that looks like a great box of goodies.

Furries said...

We have the biggest version of that litter mat. One thing my mom doesn't like is that when you use clumping clay litter like we do, you have to be careful to get all the litter bits out of the mat before washing any soiled area. It's impossible to get wet litter out of all those loopy holes.