Wednesday 10 August 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Hiding From Supervet #WednesdayWisdom

Mum's super excited that Supervet is back tomorrow with a new series. She loves that man and what he does for animals (and she has a crush on him just like thousands of other women it seems.)

But I won't be watching.

wisdom wednesday


Well, obviously it's because he's a vet and vets are scary aren't they? So while Mum has her eyes glued to the screens (or not, because she's squeamish and keeps turning away during gory surgical scenes), I'll be hiding under the table and napping away, trying to ignore Mum's oohing and awwing (at the furries, not the vet.)

He's a nice man, though. I can see the appeal. And he seems the most kindest vet I've ever seen (though of course I have never met him personally.) He looks like he really loves animals and the pets that he cares for. From what I've seen on TV (or Mum has), his passion for his work and for animals is undeniable, and he clearly has a big heart and is ever so caring towards the anxious pet mums and dads. Definitely a true hero in the eyes of many who understand the amazing bond that exists between pets and humans, and the unconditonal love.

And you know what? I do think meeting him would be fun, but not as a patient! Oh, please, no! I think he is a good hugger, but probably not as good as my mum when she hugs me. (She only likes to hug me though as she's not much good with humans.) That's just the way I like it too. She shouldn't really be hugging any humans anyway, and if I ever see her hugging another cat, the other cat better watch it! 

Supervet says some great things about animals and of course that is another reason to love him. Here is one such quote: 

You know what? I'd love to interview him for this blog. It would be fun, don't you think? 

So Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, would you like to do an interview with us? Have you ever done an interview for a cat blog? An interview with a cat, even? Oh, go on, it would make my mum ever so happy, and she really needs cheering up right now. And look at me, I am such a pretty kitty, a wise cat goddess, how could you resist? You cannot say NO to a feline goddess!

athena wise kitty goddess

cat hiding under the table during Supervet
Hiding under the table while Mum watches The Supervet

Do you hide when your humans are watching vets on TV?

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