Tuesday 8 March 2016

#TuxieTuesday Adopt a Cat Special #CharityTuesday

As a rescue kitty I want to help other rescue cats get rehomed, so we are continuing our new weekly feature for Charity Tuesday, sharing adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animal Charity (which is where I was rescued). We are so grateful to this amazing charity because without them we wouldn't be together! It's also one of the main charities we support.

Today I suggested to Mum that we should have a Tuxie Tuesday special and feature 3 beautiful black and white cats who are seeking a forever home. Mum says the first cat, Tinkerbelle, reminds her a lot of her dear beloved Suzy, her first real soulmate cat that unfortunately went to the bridge back in 1998. As I've only seen photos of Suzy I can only say that there is some resemblance (other than the fact that they are both tuxedo girls.)

TINKERBELLE (photo: Wood Green)

Tinkerbelle tells me she is an independent lady who enjoys a fuss and likes nothing more than curling up somewhere warm to sleep. This sweet girl has also lived with dogs in her previous home and copied their behaviour by playing fetch with them! Want to know more about Tinkerbelle? View her profile HERE

PEPSI (photo: Wood Green)

Even though Pepsi is a shy girl she is also sweet once she feels comfortable with you. She likes to snuggle up next to you and have a fuss but she needs to be the one to instigate it! She loves playing with scrunched up pieces of paper and pens. If you would like to find out more about her visit her profile at HERE

BELLA (photo: Wood Green)

Beautiful Bella says she is a friendly cat who prefers to choose to come to you for fuss and attention. She is very attached to her bed and as you can see from her photo, she loves snoozing in it. Bella has a special attachment to a fishing rod toy with a pink fish attached that she has had since she was a kitten. She will carry it around the house with her! (I do something similar). Visit Bella's page to find out more!

For more cats waiting to be rehomed at Wood Green click HERE 


All proceeds from this bag and book will be donated to animals in need.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the charity mentioned in this post in any way. We just want to help spread the word for animals in need.


Tina Fariss Barbour said...

What beautiful babies! I hope they find loving homes soon.

Robin said...

These ladies look great in their tuxes. :) So cute! It is adorable that Bella has a favorite toy that has been a part of her life so long.

Summer said...

What sweet faces!!

Anonymous said...

Tuxies rule!!!

pilch92 said...

All gorgeous. I hope they get forever homes soon.

meowmeowmans said...

Such lovely tuxedo cats! We will share Bella, Tinkerbell and Pepsi now!

Hugs to you both, Athena and Mum.