Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wordless Wednesday: A Few Words About My Diet

wordless wednesday

Don't know what happened to my eyes in this photo but it's a great shot of my tongue, don't you think? And look at those fangs! Mum says my stripy chest is lovely and she always likes to kiss me there and rub her cheek on my soft fur. I love my mum.

But I'm not happy with some of the food choices she's made for me of late. She says it's for my own good and she is spending a lot on money on trying to find me the right wet food to eat because all I do is eat dry. Well, I can't help it if I find wet food quite revolting. Even the more expensive brands just make me turn away and beg for more kibble. She's trying different brands of that too. More meaty ones that don't contain rice and other grains. She has spent hours on the Net researching.

There is one food that I do rather like but I'm still trying not to show her this because I don't want her to think she's won. However, it is hard not to resist licking that jelly and then beg for more! 

During her research Mum went into lots of cat forums to see what other fussy cats were eating and what cat foods were of better quality than the usual supermarket rubbish that contain hardly any meat at all.

Mum found that this food that I'm currently sort of liking is from Sweden (and Mum loves Sweden and has visited many times because her brother, my uncle, lives over there.) Anyway, she didn't actually have to go out there and get this food because it is available from Zooplus and Mum decided to order it. This is the food. Mum got the Indoor Cat one. It is also available from Amazon.16 x 190g Indoor & Sterilised Feline Tetra Pak Saver Pack Bozita Wet Cat Food  

So there you are. It has really tasty jelly and I like the way Mum mashes the food up for me to make it look like baby food. She says I'm her baby so she doesn't mind doing that. I hope she doesn't get me to taste other food any more. But I know she will, because with the box came another brand of cat food. It was German I think. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. We eat nothing but canned food or raw for our meals - anything crunchy is treats only, and my human is pretty skimpy about that! I hope you find a canned food you like, Athena - honestly, I think canned (or fresh from the organic butcher) is the best!

  2. We had to go canned food only for my (Toby) UTI issues, but it's a prescription diet. We like it well enough, and the times when we get sniffy about eating it, Mom pulls out her secret weapon - Fancy Feast Broth Topper. A bit of that and we get interested again. PS: Mom is jealous that you still have all our fangs. She still misses my bottom one that went away.

  3. That's a cute picture of you, Lucy. Your tongue is great, and those fangs are impressive! :)

    We sure hope you and Mommy find a canned food that you really like, sweet girl.


  4. I am glad you sort of like the new food. Maybe you will start to like it more as you eat it more.

  5. I’m thinking you’d like Weruva if’n you can get it over there. Glad you be licking your lips over stinky goodness.

  6. Very cute tongue :) I am glad you have a new food you like.

  7. Mom went through this with Rhette and his diet (he weighs 17lbs). So she tried to get him to eat wet food but he prefers kibble by far. She tried a few kinds until she put him on the Perfect Weight feeding trial with Hill's. He loves the wet food and is finally starting to ask for it even if he hasn't eaten all his kibble yet. She's switched it with a better food and he still prefers the Perfect Weight so she highly recommends it! Love Dolly

  8. I'm glad to hear that you've found a food that you like, Athena! That is always the hardest part. You will grow to love wet food. I would give you some recommendations, but all the really good foods I know of are American. I don't know if you would have them there.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  9. Ah, picky cats. We've all had them. I admire your resolve to find the perfect food for your wee one. Good luck!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  10. It's difficult to find a food that both of you can agree on. It's interesting that the brand you mentioned contains pork. Not many brands contain pork so maybe that's why you like it.

  11. We must keep the humans guessing on what we like. We get more food options that way. I must decline food I requested sometimes just to get other varieties. Hope you and the human can eventually decide on a food that works.

  12. We gave our cat can food and it was just that. He loved it and had no problems with it. W were happy too, cause we didn't have to look for some other food.

  13. I feel your mom's pain...Mudpie will choose kibble over wet food anyday too. Anything with gravy or jelly she licks that off and leaves the meat.


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