Monday, 8 June 2015

Melt Your Heart Monday

Beat those Monday morning blues with this cute video compilation of cats waking up their humans. It certainly made Mum smile, and she is even more grumpier than Grumpy Cat in the morning, believe me.

Of course, just one look at my cute face and she soon melts. You see, I have her well trained. She may be zombie-like as she makes her way down the stairs, but the first thing she does is go into the kitchen, wash my bowl and then feed me. OK, maybe it's not the first thing. The first thing she does do is switch on the kettle for that cup of coffee she is so addicted to, then  while she waits for it to boil she feeds me and pours some fresh water for me to drink in my mug.

How do you wake your humans up? My mum is a light sleeper so it's not too difficult to wake her. Normally all I have to do is sit on the bed and stare at her and she awakes. As we sleep together on that bed all night I don't need to wake her by scratching at the door to be let into the room.

Happy Monday!

Click HERE to watch on YouTube


  1. That was so cute! Both of our kitties do that, too!

  2. I usually don't wake my momma up, but sometimes when she wakes up I'm just sitting there staring at her.

  3. Binga wakes up my human by trying to bite her!

  4. Oh, I wake my mom up constantly. If I don't she might not feed me on time!! -Toby

  5. I love seeing these people smile as they wake up to their kitties. :) My kitties don't get fed according to my sleeping schedule, so they don't wake me up. They prefer that I stay in bed and cuddle with them actually!

  6. I wake Mum up every day when the sun is rising ! Purrs

  7. I guess I shouldn't complain, my cats only knock things off the bureau and open the window shade to let the light in.

  8. This is so cute! And it's nice to know that we aren't the only ones who get a paw tap on the face if we don't wake up in time. :)


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