Thursday 16 April 2015

First Aid for Pets

Pets are family, and as a responsible pet owner it is vital to know what to do in an emergency, just like you should for any member of your family. It's also important to have a Pet First Aid Kit, like this one.

If you can't find a Pet First Aid Kit locally then you can purchase one online. The Pet First Aid Travel Camping Kit for Dog or Cat above is from Amazon.

NOTE: ALWAYS CONTACT YOUR VET in an EMERGENCY and NEVER give human medicines to pets or offer food or drink in case your pet has to have an urgent anaesthetic

You should always contact your vet if your pet: 

  • Is weak, lethargic or is reluctant to move or get up.
  • Has difficulty breathing, or the breath is noisy or rapid.
  • Is coughing constantly
  • Is vomiting repeatedly
  • Appears to be in severe pain.
  • Has lost balance
  • Is having trouble going to the toilet (is unable to pass anything).
  • Has any abnormal discharges from the nose, eyes or ears, or other body openings.
  • Is shaking head excessively
  • Is excessively scratching, licking or biting at any part of the body 
  • ls not eating.
  • Is thirstier than usual.
  • Has abnormal swellings on any part of the body
  • Is hiding or constantly seeking a place to hide

Check your pet's Vital Signs. If anything is out of the ordinary CONTACT YOUR VET ASAP.


  • Ensure the safety of yourself and others first.
  • Try to remain calm to assess the situation. Assess the animal and injury first. Ensure the safety of the animal making sure it is in no further danger.
  • Keep people and other animals away from the patient.
  • Cover the patient with a blanket or similar to maintain body temperature, or if in full sun remove the patient and put him or her into the shade or place a cover above the animal to bring shade.
  • Remove harmful substances and objects from the close vicinity of the animal.
  • Make sure that any people around are not shouting or talking loudly
  • Keep animal comfortable until further help arrives

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Summer said...

It's so important to be prepared! I wish my human had it more together - she has some, but not everything she should have.

The Swiss Cats said...

Very impawtant advice ! Thank you for the links ! Purrs

meowmeowmans said...

Being prepared is so important. Thank you for this great reminder, Athena and Mum Marie!


Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

Great information! And a good reminder for our mom to finish putting together our first aid kit!