Saturday, 1 November 2014

Keeping Cats Safe On Bonfire Night

It's that time of year again. Bonfire Night. And in an ideal world there would be no fireworks. But selfish humans have to have their way all the time (they don't just keep it to the one night, which is 5th November, but have to let off those loud bangs from September onwards). Mum says what's the point? If you've seen one firework display you've seen them all. All that noise is annoying. I know I'll be safe and sound indoors with Mum, but what about all the other poor animals out there that don't have that choice?

It seems that most humans choose to forget that this world wasn't created for them alone.

But at least there are some humans that are nice and do think about others, so here's a video of Fireworks Safety Tips for Cats from Wood Green the Animal Charity (the shelter that rescued me and from where Mum adopted me).
 Read more advice about keeping pets safe during firework displays HERE


  1. Yay and thank u for the advice. :)

  2. Lovely (and cute) video! I don't think we have fireworks for Guy Fawkes, but plenty of other occasions! And our Fairgrounds and other places that feature the fireworks are far away enough to see and not be heard around here! There are a few in the neighborhood that shoot fireworks, but they don't last long, and I don't mind them.
    Enjoy a safe Bonfire Night!

  3. Great advice! Fireworks sucks! Pawkisses :)

  4. You must have lots of fireworks by you. We get bigger displays twice a year: 4th of July and New Years. We live close to where they hold our annual State Fair and they do a small fireworks show every night for a couple weeks. It's a bit annoying but not too loud for me. You shared great tips in the video.

    1. We live in a very built up area in North London, so the fireworks are usually let off in the streets by kids with nothing better to do (and obviously money to burn). We think fireworks should be banned, or at least not available for the public to buy but only for firework displays.

  5. We kittehz think fireworks should be banned. Forever. Those things scare us!
    Thanks for the tips, though!

  6. What a cute -- and very informative -- video. We do not like fireworks here, either. Stay safe, Athena and Mum.


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