Thursday 13 March 2014


What are the ingredients for the best cat food without having to name different brands? Like most domesticated animals, cats are sensitive when it comes to getting the food they need. This is because they don’t have access to the nutrients that they usually get from the wild, or in this case, they are less healthy than their counterparts in the wild. If you were to take into consideration what these wild cats eat, you’d be surprised that they can actually point you to the right direction when it comes to picking out food for your cat. Cat behavior is always similar, no matter the size of the cat. 

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So, what are the main ingredients of the best cat food? For starters, cat owners have always been advised to go for all-natural food, meaning those containing actual animal meat and none of those preservative- filled cat foods. Raw meat is what you want for your cat because they contain the nutrients that they need. Raw chicken, beef, and pork are just some of the ingredients of the best cat food that money can buy, and some brands will carry a combination of these three along with other types of raw meat like turkey and salmon. 

But why raw meat in a can when you can buy them from your local deli store? This is because cat foods with these ingredients are specially-formulated, meaning that they’ve been combined with other types of food items that are crucial for your cat’s health. Some contain vegetable bits and herbs that will provide cats with other nutrients that will help with their digestive system and immune system. 

But what if I can’t find them? Well, you can still resort to buying meat from your local deli. You’ll find different ways of preparing them, much like one would prepare a home-cooked meal for the family. Some dog owners even go to great lengths to home-cooking their own dog food for their dog, so why shouldn’t this be the case for cats too? 

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Donna said...

I like food too. :)

Kitty Cat Chronicles said...

I feed my cats a raw diet! I do both home prepared raw meat as well as raw meat bought at the pet store. There is an all-natural pet store near me that sells a brand of food called Blue Ridge Beef - they have raw chicken, turkey, quail, rabbit, beef, venison, and more. It's for both dogs and cats. My cats LOVE the rabbit. When I make their food myself, I use raw chicken, chicken liver, and beef heart. I have supplements that I add to both the store bought and home prepared meals to make sure they get all of the nutrients they need.
Great article!

Best Wet Cat Food said...

I have never had a problem with a cat vomiting from wet food. I have used the Natures Logic, Natures Organics, Wellness, Avoderm, Natural Balance. I also make my own cat food with raw meat, made from chicken and turkey. So it surprises me that your cat is reacting that way. I would be less surprised if you were using some of the less desirable foods such as Fancy Feast, Science Diet, etc.