Sunday, 8 January 2012

I'm No Scaredy Cat!

Most cats are scared of the unknown. They hate noises and run and hide, don't they? I'm not showing off or anything, but when I hear some strange noise I haven't heard before I might get a bit jumpy but I don't want to run away. I'm a curious kitty (I know, us cats are famous for curiosity and my mummy isn't happy that I am this curious about everything). I can't help it, I like to investigate. 

When I first heard the vacuum cleaner I was very scared, I admit.I was only a baby and it was a horrible loud noise that hurt my ears. But Mummy was always with me, or my granny was, so I realized it was nothing to be scared of. If they weren't scared, then why should I be? I am a clever little girl, after all (so they keep telling me)

Anyway, this little video here is of me when I was little and hearing my granny doing the vacuum cleaning. I am in the living room with my mummy. 


  1. Oh, Athena! Glad you are back! I never was a fraidy cat with the vaccuum cleaner, either! Our old one had a light in front, and it was fun to chase!
    We have tile floors now, so it's quieter around here.

  2. Athena, yous reminds me of me. Now Kozmo, he IS a fraidy cat!

  3. aaiiieeeeeeee!!!!!

    We are NOT brave about the vacuum cleaner. That thing is evil.

  4. Awwwww gorgeous Athena!! You are so so brave and so cute!! Me and Charlie are in awe!! Charlie hides from the evil machine - lol!

    Take care


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