Sunday, 2 October 2022

An Instagram Sunday Selfie and Friendly Fill-Ins

Today's Sunday Selfie is the photo I just posted on my Instagram. 

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Friendly Fill-Ins 

1. I’m usually _________________ but sometimes I can be _____________________. 
2. A new show ( or book or food) I like is ________________________. 
3. I would like to skip _________ and jump right to _________.
4. I haven’t _________ since _________.

1. I’m usually quiet but sometimes I can be angry and loud (not in front of Athena).
2. A new show ( or book or food) I like is - I'm reading a lot of ebooks at the moment on my Kindle as I've just subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. Reading helps take my mind off my problems (like losing my brother). I prefer non-fiction these days.
3. I would like to skip boring small talk and jump right to into important discussions (obviously can't do that with everyone as we are all different).
4. I haven’t driven a car since I passed my driving test many years ago. As I had lived in London since the time I was born I never needed a car. I just used public transport to get around. Now in Essex, however, a car would be so handy but these days my anxiety is so severe that there's no way I could risk driving. I don't go out much, anyway. 

1. I’m usually a calm, loving kitty but sometimes I can be angry and I can bite if something (or someone) annoys me.
2. A new show ( or book or food) I like is some lovely new chicken breast my Mum recently got for me. It's nice and soft. She boils it for me.  
3. I would like to skip waiting for Mum to get her lazy arse off the sofa and jump right to her placing my plate of lovely food in front of me in a split second. How can the TV be more important than me?
4. I haven’t seen another cat since quite a while. Our old house had lots of cats hanging out in our back garden and I didn't like that, especially when they stared in through the patio door at me and teased me for not being allowed out. At least my Mum cares enough about me to protect me!

Friday, 30 September 2022

Sleepy Watercolour #CaturdayArt

 Looking sweet in this watercolour art. Again, Mum used BeFunky. 

sleepy cat

And here's the original version.

sleepy cat

Here is the jigsaw version if you like doing them.

. preview108pieceCaturdayartwatercolor011022