Sunday, 28 May 2023

Sunday Selfie, Frowning Photo Fail and Friendly Fill-Ins

Mum decided to post this photo for my selfie today. I prefered the "photo fail" below this one.

tabby cat on the bed

tabby cat on the bed

This photo looks good in my opinion but Mum says it looks like I'm frowning. She can talk! She's always frowning 😻
tabby cat looks like she is frowning looking grumpy

Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Hosted by Melissa and Mudpie

Four-Legged Furballs


1. This weekend, I plan to ________________________________.
2. __________________________never disappoints.
3. I once saw _________.
4. You’ll never hear me say _________.

1. This weekend, I plan to sort out some paperwork and do the housework.
2. Being with Athena never disappoints. Even if she gets me up early!
3. I once saw a massive spider walking behind me on the sofa. It almost got near my shoulder. We'd been refurbishing our house when I was a kid and I was sitting there with my dad. Don't know what I would have done if I was alone. I must have screamed though. I have had arachnophobia ever since.
4. You’ll never hear me say "I'm gonna sunbathe." I never will and never have done. I can't stand the heat and I don't see the point of barbecuing yourself. I like being pale. 

1. This weekend, I plan to catch some sun in the catio.
2. My mum never disappoints.Unless she is late feeding me!
3. I once saw a squirrel running along the fences. I couldn't go after it because I'm an indoor cat. Mum said it was too fast for me anyway. Charming!
4. You’ll never hear me say anything but meow. 

Friday, 26 May 2023

Mum Made Me Look Up Pose #CaturdayArt

So Mum wanted us to have a photo shoot with her camera and not her iPhone. I wasn't going along with it so she clicked her fingers to make me look up and we got this super shot 😻📷

tabby cat gazing up
BeFunky Watercolor Effect

tabby cat gazing up

Join us for the Caturday Art Blog Hop every Saturday. You don't have to be a cat because all animal art welcome! Either artify your photos or share your paintings or drawings, etc. 

This post contains some affiliate links. Full disclosure.

We've closed down our Redbubble and Zazzle stores because after many years it's been a waste of time and energy. What's the point if you are hardly making any sales? The few sales we've had were greeting cards mostly and you hardly earn a penny with those. Mum doesn't need the hassle and stress right now. 

Instead, we're focusing on the UK based ethical supplier Teemill as we are also UK based so it makes sense. Mum recently uploaded this favourite art of ours to our store. 

Green Eyes Tabby Cat Art £20

Here's the Jigsaw puzzle of this week's Caturday Art.