Tuesday 5 November 2019

Charity Tuesday Adopt Don't Shop

Adopt Don't Shop!

So it's Tuesday so that means it's Charity Tuesday! Every Tuesday we highlight some cats who need forever homes. Not just from the UK but from abroad too. 


tabby cat
Athena was adopted from Wood Green, The Animals Charity in London


From our favourite charity, Wood Green, The Animals Charity we have the lovely Tibbles.

Photo: Wood Green

Tibbles is a wonderful senior ladycat who is looking for a retirement home. She was taken to Wood Green "due to no fault of her own and is now looking to cuddle up and relax." 

Tibbles loves attention and is very affectionate and"her favourite food is chicken and ham."

This lovely lady deserves all the love and spoiling she desires. Do you think you have the purrfect forever home for her? 

Check out her profile for more info! 

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Gandalfino was found following people begging them for food and cuddles. When he moved to safety he slept for days. He was so exhausted that he would fall asleep while drinking water. He didn’t have strength to jump, clean himself or even meow. Well now all he does is jump, clean himself and meow! He is a super playful, cuddly and funny kitten that makes every day bright. If you wish to adopt this fluffy ball of joy, email us! ——- Ο Γκανταλφίνο βρέθηκε να ακολουθεί τους περαστικούς ζητιανεύοντας φαγάκι κ χάδια. Όταν πήγε σε φιλοξενία, κοιμήθηκε για μέρες. Δεν είχε δύναμη να σκαρφαλώσει, να πλυθεί ή να νιαουρίζει. Ε, τώρα όλη την ώρα σκαρφαλώνει, πλένεται και νιαουρίζει! Είναι ένα πολύ παιχνιδιάρικο, χαδιάρικο και αστείο γατάκι που κάνει πιο φωτεινή τη μέρα σου. Αν θέλετε να δώσετε μια ευκαιρία σε αυτό το χαρωπό χνουδομπαλάκι, στείλτε μας email! ——— #pamespiti #ninelivesgreece #kittenrescue #fluffykitten #fluffy #catmodel #catphoto #instacats #instakittens #bestmeow #purr #adoptme #adoptdontshop #straycats #saveastray #catlady #katzen #gato #ig_greece #athenscats #greekcats #fosterkittens #παμεσπιτι #εφταψυχες
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If you want to adopt a cat from Nine Lives Greece please visit the charity's website to find out more.  


Why? Why? Why?  

If you can rescue any of these cats please do! 

Saving NYC Shelter Cats

And these poor dogs too. 
Saving NYC Shelter Dogs

tabby cat


All proceeds from A Forever Home For Athena will be donated to the following charities:

Wood Green The Animals Charity
Greek Cat Welfare Society
Cats Protection



More homeless pets looking for forever homes can be found on my Mum's Pinterest Pet Rescue board.
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. As a rescue kitty myself I want to help other rescues find their forever home, so each week on Charity Tuesday I share adoptable cats from Wood Green, the Animals Charity (which is where I was rescued) and some other charities dear to our hearts. Mum and I are so grateful to Wood Green because without them we would never have found each other! Please note: We are here to help cats and give our time freely. We also ensure that to the best of our knowledge and research other lesser-known charities mentioned are legit.  

This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here.


Eastside Cats said...

I was shopping at the same pet store that I adopted Da Boyz from...and there were twin kittens...all black! I swooned! I gasped! I made them pull me away! I WANT THEM, but we already have five cats...it's not fair to add more. At least, that's what I tell myself, and what The Hubby says. Drat!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Very pretty kitties, I hope they get homes soon! Rescue kitties are the best!

Summer said...

I hope they all find homes soon!

pilch92 said...

Praying they all get forever homes soon. XO

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Rescue pets rock!

So sad that not all of them will find forever homes :(