Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Remembering Molly (1998-2016)

Today I am dedicating my post to my cousin Molly. We aren't blood cousins, but she was my mum's brother's cat. Sadly she passed away a year ago and so we are posting this as a tribute to her. 

We never met, but Mum has met her and she really loved her. She was her little furry niece after all. Cats are drawn to Mum and Molly always loved it when she visited Uncle John in Sweden. She was always sad when she saw Mum packing her suitcase to fly back home. My uncle used to say that Molly would be a bit quiet after Mum and Gran had left. 

Molly was such an affectionate cat and loved her daddy so much. My Uncle John is a musician and songwriter and she always liked to hang around while he was recording. Molly always liked to listen to Mum recording her vocals for their recording project. Molly was their Number 1 fan. And even when Mum practised her vocal exercises*, Molly wanted to hear. I don't know why. Mum's vocal exercises scared me when I was a tiny kitten and heard her doing them for the first time. In fact, she doesn't do them anymore because of me I think. But then again, maybe it's because she doesn't sing much these days.

Sweet Molly, we hope you are running free over the Rainbow Bridge with Suzy and Granddad and every other soul you have known and loved. Purrs xx 💖

Molly on guitar case

Sweet Molly

This video is very funny. It was filmed some years ago when Molly was younger.

Mum made this photo art to be included on Saturday for our Caturday Art hop. She used the Sadness effect in LunaPic and added a grunge frame in BeFunky.

Caturday Art


  1. Molly was a beautiful cat, and she sounds like such a sweet girl. This is a lovely tribute to her. My sympathies to you as you remember her.

  2. What a lovely girl Molly was! Purrs to you and your brother.

  3. This is a dear dear remembrance branch.

  4. Molly must have been a real Sweetie. I live the rock star kitty.
    Yael from a

  5. Beautiful tribute! Molly was such a gorgeous girl. I'm sure that she is still watching from Heaven and lending a guiding paw where she can. Our beloved kitties never truly leave us. *hugs*

  6. It was very thoughtful of you to post a tribute to Molly. She was very cute. The video of her playing with her tail is funny.

  7. What a lovely remembrance of Molly. She sounds like she was such an amazing kitty.

  8. Our condolences on the loss of Angel Molly.

  9. Molly sounds like a great cat. I love the art you did of her--it is very rock-starry.

  10. Molly sounds like some cat but she liked music so she's like me. Her art is beautiful.

    1. Your mum must have listened to a lot of Annie Haslam cos that's who the YouTube video reminded TW of.


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