Tuesday 24 February 2015

World Spay Day 24th February 2015

Athena here. Mum wanted me to write this post so here I am. Did you know that on the last Tuesday of February (doesn't time fly?) it is World Spay Day?

What is World Spay Day?

World Spay Day is a day that hopes to highlight the importance of neutering and spaying your furry babies. Now, I'm not exactly sure what I think about that. All I know is that it was done to me when I was about five months old. It wasn't very nice. Mum took me back to the place where we met and left me there and the lady vet there did it to me.

I didn't feel a thing of course, because she gave me something that made me sleepy. When I woke up, even though I was groggy, I remembered my mum and I was worried I would never see her again. Perhaps she had taken me back because she didn't want me any more?

But she did come back. A few hours later, she tells me. And she took me home and then I realised I was made ugly. Why? Because bits of my fur were missing, that's what! A big patch of it. And Mum wouldn't let me lick my horrible wound, and she kept a big watch over me so I wouldn't touch it. She made everything feel better with lots of extra cuddles and treats, though. Her healing energy made me feel better too and I sat on her lap a lot. But soon I was running around like the crazy little kitty I was again. The fur grew back quickly and I was back to my beautiful goddess self.

Mum says she wishes she had some good quality photos of me with my fur shaved off, but she hasn't, and I'm pleased! I don't want it shown here. That would be embarrassing.

But what am I doing? I'm scaring you kitties! And it wasn't my intention because Mum says this is a VERY IMPORTANT post.

You see, if kitties don't get spayed, there will soon be lots and lots of other kitties around, and then what will your humans do? And what about all the strays and homeless pets? Some cats don't have a great life like us fortunate pampered ones, you know. They are orphaned, homeless, starving, they get sick, and there are just too many. These poor kitties, if they don't die of natural causes, usually end up being killed by humans anyway because silly humans don't know what to do with them. I know. Very nasty! Mum doesn't want to think about that, and I don't either. Why humans want to control the world is another matter, and that would make a rather long post. I think that one is for mum to write, perhaps on her other blog.

Spaying your cat shouldn't be too expensive. What is great about World Spay Day is that many animal charities around the world have got together not only to promote the importance of spaying and neutering, but so many of them also provide affordable low-cost spaying for people on a low wage or unemployed. To find out where this service is available n your area CLICK HERE
If you are in the UK you can find out about discount neutering schemes in your area HERE 
Some even provide a free neutering service on World Spay Day, so do check it out.

In the UK World Spay Day is supported by the following animal charities:

  • The Blue Cross
  • Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
  • Cats Protection
  • Celia Hammond Animal Trust 
  • International Cat Care 
  • Mayhew Animal Home 
  • PDSA 
  • RSPCA 
  • Wood Green Animal Charity

What about you kitty friends? Have you been spayed? Do you have any memories of it? How do you feel about it? Do you think your humans were right to do it to you?


Summer said...

I was spayed the week after I came home - I was only five months old, but my human was worried I was going into early heat and she didn't want to risk it.

meowmeowmans said...

Bravo, Athena and Mum! This was a very informative and important post. Yes, Gracie and Zoe are spayed, and Moosey is neutered. All the cats at PAWS are spayed and neutered, too.

Big hugs!

The Swiss Cats said...

We both are spayed/neutered, and it's OK like this. Very informative post, thank you ! It's so important to spread the word again and again ! We host a World Spay Day Blog Hop, would you like to join us ?

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Oh yes, some kitties come into heat very early. I don't think Athena was like that, but I kept her indoors and got her done at five months.

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

That's good to hear :)

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty said...

Thank you. We have just joined you. Great idea to host a hop :)

Lone Star Cats said...

We're all spayed/neutered here - we came from our rescue dat way. And da pupses has been spayed too.

pilch92 said...

Very important post.All 15 of mine are fixed and I always offer to help transosrt and find low cost places for those in need.