Monday 4 November 2013

Moofy Would Love Some Advice and Likes!

My friend Moofy would love some more likes on her Facebook page.

She is a cute tabby with 'a big stripy tumor.'

Brave Moofy needs to shrink the tumour and wondered if anyone could give her and her guardian's Liz and Pat any advice.

Moofy (from her Facebook Page)

Moofy lives in New Zealand with her guardians and two brothers and sisters. She believes she is the quirkiest tabby ever. She is also a World Champion Curtain Climber and holds the record for the Longest Time Spent on Back with Legs in Air. She says she's the First Cat to Wag her Tail better than a dog.

Best of all, Moofy is a courageous kitty because she won't let her tumour stop her from enjoying life. She loves to rush around in the garden and climbing trees, and in her own words 'looking incredibly cute.'

The vet has already said to Moofy and her guardians that the tumour is in an awkward place to be removed surgically.  Moofy is glad about that because she hates going to the vet, and who can blame her?

What Moofy would love is for you to like her page and cheer her on. I'm sure you will all agree that she needs all our support right now. 

Do you have any ideas on how to shrink the tumour?
She would love to hear from you if you do. Hop on over to her Facebook page and meet Moofy and give her page a like. That way you can follow her and if you do have any ideas or advice you can tell her directly.

Let's send our healing purrs to Moofy now!

Best wishes, Moofy :) xx


Sparkle said...

I wish I had some answers for Moofy, but I don't (both me and my human liked her Facebook page, though). The cat before me had a tumor on her leg that couldn't be removed, and she lasted for quite a long while, patrolling and hunting and jumping through second-story windows.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We wish we could magic you up a cure Moofy but we are purring for you.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Moofy said...

Thanks so much for your kindness, everyone; I appreciate it! My guardian Liz has ordered some bacon-flavoured cancer drops from the US she aims to try and trick me into trying, and I have a couple of sessions of remote distance healing booked as well. We're trying! Big purrs to you all xoxox

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

We went over and liked her. She sounds very interesting and we are looking forward to getting to know her better. The only idea we had was prednisone.
Socks takes it for his anemia, but we knows it prevents inflammation and is used sometimes with tumors.