Thursday, 7 June 2012

Writer's Block!

Having a problem about what to write about, as you can see from the picture above. All I can do is stare at my blog, which reminds me, I really must get Mum to help me change that header. It needs updating because I am growing really fast and I have some lovely new pics to share. But Mummy has been really busy lately so she hasn't been able to help me with blog posts.

But I am a fast learner so I think I am now old enough to start writing them myself. I think using the computer will be such fun!


  1. These humans of ours often are too busy to help us blog (like ours!)

    As for "writer's block," that's what great about the "Wordless Wednesday" meme!

  2. Amazing Athena!! You know you are capable of doing whatever you want to do so long as you put your mind to it!! Yay!!! Take care

  3. Once you start going, you'll never be able to stop! purrs

  4. We love to stare at your picture, too, Athena!

  5. .,yah we too here., just love staring at your

  6. I still say the beans should do all the typing. Their fingers work better than our paws!


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