Friday, 6 April 2012

Too Lazy To Play

Too lazy to play today.

So, I'm off too sleep now. HAPPY EASTER to you all! Don't eat chocolate Easter eggs. Chocolate is bad for us cats! 


  1. Not even a bunny ear?
    Happy Easter to you, too. Today is purrfect for being lazy. Well, every day is, actually. Especially at my age.

  2. Happy Easter!Kalo Pascha!

  3. Happy Easter to you, too!

    PS. You don't need to worry about me (or any of my fur family) getting into the chocolate. The peeps are chocolate fiends. Never a crumb left after they've been around. Good thing they're not into catnip, huh?

  4. Awwww have a great Easter too lovely Athena!! Hopefully you'll play lots over the weekend! Yay! Take care

  5. Our website was awarded the ABC award (awesome blog content award). One of the requirements is that the award be passed along to other blogsites. Your website is one of our favorites so we awarded it to you and 4 others. You may see our blog post at and get the details.

    Congratulations, and we hope that you will participate and pass the award along to other deserving websites. Ricky (and the shat cats, Bama and Boise!)

  6. We just found your blog today, Athena! You sure are a beautiful young lady cat. My name is Clarissa and I have a blog called "Clarissa & Co." It's about me and my 14 furblings! 15 kitties is a lot in one house! I hope you come visit us sometime!



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