Thursday, 22 December 2011

This Book Made Mummy Cry

I don't like to see my mummy (mommy for my American kitty friends) cry. Last night when I was laying on her bed and she was reading I caught her crying. She was reading this book called Homer's Odyssey. It's about a blind kitty called Homer who is a very brave little cat. Mummy says she loves this book and Homer, but some parts were sad and last night she read a sad part so she cried. But most of the book is a very enjoyable read about Homer and his human mum, as well as the other two cats in his family, Vashti and Scarlett.

Mum tells me she's writing a book about me. I'm still young though, so she won't have much to write about yet.


  1. Oh, I love to read books about kittehz. Some of my favorites are these: The Cat and the Curmudgeon, Do Cats Think, Poetry for Cats, The Cat Who Went to Paris, and almost all the mysteries written by Lilian Jackson Braun, Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Rita Mae Brown, and lots of others. Now you've given me a new author to explore. Thanks!!

  2. Jan has been wanting to read that book but we're on a strict no frills budget. We're glad your mom enjoyed it, but we'll tell Jan your mom cried so Jan won't be too disappointed about not reading it. :)

  3. Do you mind is we ask why you have both word verification and comment moderation on? Blogger actually has a very good spam sorter system. Rarely does anything get through that shouldn't, but we've trained it by checking the emails in our dashboard and helping train it. Very easy. :)

  4. Lovely book! Own it and have read it several times. Like Homers owner, we too become better people for what he has to teach us. Bless his heart.


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