Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Weird Weather Wednesday: Red Sky, Orange Sky, Red Sun, Sahara or Tatooine?

On Monday afternoon the sky over England suddenly came over all Tatooine like. It became quite orange. Like the sun had turned red or something. In fact, it rather looked like the world had turned sepia. There was an eerie glow too. 

Hurricane Ophelia is to blame, they said and debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain also played a part. And now an analysis of tiny particles has indeed confirmed that the dust blown over from the Sahara by the remnants of Ophelia is what had caused this phenomenon.

So, while Mum was editing today's photo she came across the Sahara filter from an app on her computer and this is what she got.

Wordless Wednesday Weird Weather with Red Sun

And here is a song called Sahara from Mum's favourite band, Nightwish.


  1. Gosh, that sounds quite eerie but beautiful at the same time. Glad you are all safe and sound.

  2. Mother Nature is playing games, methinks!

  3. We didn't even know about the fires in Portugal and Spain - they aren't in the headlines here in the U.S. (We searched and learned more about them.)

    Like the effect on your photo, Athena.

  4. I hope you & your family are a safe distance from the fires. We have fire smells & smokies here, too, in ORE-gon, though not as bad as it was over the summer. So far though I haven't seen the sky turn red. That would be spooky! It has turned white here a lot. I cross my paws that nature distinguishes all of the fires soon! Mew Mew!

  5. I saw on the weather report that you were getting dust from Africa. That's pretty amazing.

  6. There seems to be such strange weather everywhere!

  7. The Sahara filter really catches your best features, Athena! You are one gorgeous, confident kitty. I hope that you and your family are safe through all of this weird weather.


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